Automated Restaurants, the Inevitable Future

Automation in the food industry

Technology has slowly been penetrating every nooks and cranny of our society. Almost all the industries have adopted tech advancements , automating their services in a bid to improve efficiency.  AI powered machines and gadgets have taken over almost every part of the service industry. Restaurants seem to be adopting  the concept and coming up with futuristic looking automated restaurants.

Indeed the future of automated restaurants is upon us. New, amazing and some scary concepts for futuristic restaurants have been exchanged among tech- savvy individuals as they try pondering and predicting how the world will interact with future technology. Some companies have gone a step farther and actualized their concepts creating some absolutely amazing automated restaurants.

Robot Waiters

From robot waiters to touch screen kiosks, technology has made its way into restaurants.  A good example of restaurants embracing automated restaurants is Malaysia’s – grEAT, the healthier fast food restaurant.

The grEAT Restaurant in Malaysia

The vegetarian restaurant lacks the usual ambiance of traditional restaurants’ of waiters shuffling around serving food and taking orders. It only has tables, chairs and vaults labeled with customers’ usernames taken from pre-orders.

Here are some of the innovations you should expect in the futuristic automated restaurants

Order Online by chatting with bots

Order Food Online

With automated restaurants, the customers never have to interact with any staff. Customers can visit a restaurants website or social media platform and select options from the menu for their lunch orders where the kitchen then process the orders. Once completed one has to make payment and pick-up time as well. One is also prompted with an option to notify the restaurant the time it will take you to arrive. Once there you get a vault with your user name where you scan your QR code and voila! Your food is ready.

Voice ordering feature

One promising technology in automated restaurants is voice ordering. Restaurants can employ artificially intelligent (AI) chat bots to power “conversational ordering) via social media. These voice activated platforms will be highly accurate as the restaurants will build extensive archives of historical data ordering.

Proximity sensors

This is another crucial technology innovation that will help revolutionize automated restaurants.  Proximity sensing will be influential in placing food orders. When someone happens to be in the proximity of a restaurant, your internet powered mobile device can notify you via a notification and you can place orders and pick it up and leave without having to go through the checkout. Amazon Go is already utilizing this feature.

Automated Food monitoring and delivery

Automated Food Kiosks

Automated food monitoring will start to become commonplace as well. From making sure everything is cooked properly to scanning for any contaminants.  With automated  food monitoring and  quick delivery  systems, food served in automated restaurants should be fresher, restaurants are going to be able to make sure they don’t waste any food that they have is always fresh and safe. It doesn’t mean that robots will be able to taste food  to see if it’s any good, but who knows in the future they could be that advanced.

Many people may argue that adopting automated restaurants may mean sacrificing the sort of intimate interpersonal experience found in restaurants.  Eating has always been inherently a shared experience that is cathartic and enjoyable, well except for the millenials always staring at their phone. But do you think automated restaurants will spearhead reduced social interactions?    Do let us know your views