How LG is Leveraging AI for Next Level Consumer Experience

LG has positioned itself as a pacesetter for other electronic companies by embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in new generation electronics, for a more personal and interactive experience when using home electronics and appliances.

LG ThinQ’s deep learning technology enables it to anticipate needs, identify usage patterns and take on a more proactive role in your home.

With ThinQ technology, LG electronics are now not just appliances but also personal assistants. Here are four reasons why.

Do Your Laundry on The Go

You can now start and stop wash cycles remotely via the ThinQ app, and receive notifications when the laundry is done and reminders about scheduled maintenance for your LG 9kg/5kg Front Load Washer/Dryer  . Just how neat is that?

Home Cooling

With LG’s ThinQ app, you can turn on your  DUALCOOL Inverter LG Air Conditioner remotely on your smartphone as you head home on an unbearably hot day so it’s cool and comfortable when you arrive.

You can start and stop the cooling, change the mode or set the temperature remotely, all from your ThinQ app.

Immersive Viewing Experience

LG OLED TVs feature an a7 Gen4 AI Processor with deep learning algorithms that analyze individual on-screen content and make automatic adjustments for ultimate picture and sound, making each viewing experience extraordinary.

ThinQ’s deep learning technology enables it to suggest shows you can watch based on your viewing patterns.

Smart Refrigerators

Are you Heading home with a fresh grocery haul of perishable food items that require extra cooling?

You can adjust the temperature of your LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator remotely via the ThinQ app beforehand.

The ThinQ app sends you open-door alerts so you don’t lose your cool.

LG’s robust investment in AI could only mean that the rest of the industry will soon incorporate AI into their electronics, setting LG apart as a revolutionary industry thought leader in the future of AI.



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