Why Kenyan Youths Need To Vote On August 8th.

I am tired of hearing Kenyan youths constantly say that they are not going to vote in this coming election. It is not only tiring but it makes me sick to my stomach to think that the youths of this country want to leave it to fate in matters leaders. More often than not you will hear our youths give numerous reasons as to why they will not vote come August 8th. Some of them include my vote won’t make a difference it is just one vote, the leaders have already been chosen by the deep state, yes you will vote but once in power, the leaders will only care for themselves and so many other more. These are just but a few of the reasons why most youths might not vote.

These statements carry a lot of weight as people now feel that practicing their democratic rights is a waste of time and not relevant at all. Which is quite alarming, to say the least. We can however not take their reasons for granted as time and again we have experienced some injustices and the unfulfillment of democracy in this country. But it is very important for the youth to understand that their vote is the first step toward changing the narrative and taking back democracy.

The youth might feel that their vote is irrelevant but each voter is responsible for the future of their country, county, and constituency. And if they let other people choose an unfit leader everyone is going to suffer the same consequences of these decisions. And the worst thing about all this is that whether a person votes or not they influence the outcome of the elections. Making it very important for every Kenyan citizen to vote not just the youth of this country.

Despite the fact that a lot of Kenyans complain that there is a shortage of good leaders. It is rather sad that most of us Kenyans will rather vote for “mtu wetu” instead of a newbie in politics who has displayed good character and has a vision for development and growth. It is high time that Kenyans stem out of this way of thinking and start choosing leaders based on their levels of integrity and their capability to grow economies and communities.

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During this campaign period, you will hear all sorts of promises from various leaders and this will most likely influence your decision. But please remember that these leaders can absolutely do and tell you anything just to get your vote. It is just like when a man wants a lady he will move heaven and earth to get her. But once they get what they want they forget all about the promises made and cut back on the actions. So it is important to base your choice on leaders from character, ambition, and ability to work not just to talk. And also let your choice not be bought, at whatever cost. If politicians want to give you money take it but let it not determine your vote. The moment they get in power they might just use that chance to loot and steal to get all the money they spent during the elections.

Youths of Kenya this 2022 is our chance to take back democracy by voting for leaders not because of who they are but because of what they can do. Please do not take your vote for granted, please turn up and vote it is that one vote that will make a difference when all things are said and done. Ever had of a millionaire without having even a single bill on their name? No, that is how it is impossible for any candidate to win without your single vote. Let us turn up on August 8th, 2022. Remember to keep peace and love with your neighbors and people who have a different political stand than yourself.



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