5 Kenyan Startups In The Fintech Industry

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With technology at its finest form yet, having a fully functional financial technology (FinTech) industry is a must-have for any nation. The industry is actually considered to be one of the most sort out industries by investors in the 21st century. And this is because of how much of the world’s population is tech-savvy and the need for banking and financial options to evolve.  Things like mobile banking which were once considered rare now are a standard for any financial institution.

Banks are not the only financial institutions that have made tech-driven changes. Some of the industries that have made these changes include digital currencies, e-commerce payments, digital loans, and mobile stock services.

What is FinTech?

FinTech is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. This includes software, mobile applications, and other technologies created to improve and automate traditional forms of finance for businesses and consumers alike. Fintech also includes the development and use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

One of the companies that are shaking up the FinTech industry is Mojito. Have you heard about NFTs? Well, Mojito is an NFT platform that connects customers with NFT owners. These owners offer access to top-notch merchandise, events, content, and more. Also, NFT buyers can finalize their transactions through wire transfers, ACH payments, cryptocurrencies, and other flexible methods through Mojito. Because of the convenience Mojito offers it is the go to NFT marketplace for the biggest names in sports and pop culture.

Having looked at one of the biggest fintech company in the world it is time to explore some startups in Kenya that are doing something right. These Kenyan FinTech startups are just but an example of what is available in the ever-growing space;


Okhi is a startup that aims to help individuals save money, fuel, and time by offering various services. Their services include emergency services, e-commerce, mobile lending, banking, and last-mile delivery. By providing verified addresses and GPS locations, the software developed has made finding the right spot easier. And it also works to improve the checkout speed and experience for e-commerce sites.

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MarketForce is a company that provides a digital platform for retailers to distribute various goods and financial services to consumers across the African continent. This allows for goods to be paid for digitally rather than with cash.

Photo; Techtrend Africa


This FinTech company provides a financial product that makes collecting payments from sales easier. The tool they use makes the process easier using the integrated receivables management tool. The company also offers its customers a marketplace for invoice payments.

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ImaliPay is a finance platform that offers products and services to freelancers and blue-collar workers. And through their company, individuals are able to save as they earn, buy great credit scores, and pay back loans as they earn.

Photo: Imali Facebook

Umati Capital

Umati Capital is a start-up financial services company that focuses on the provision of credit and related payment technologies. They have currently been focused on agri-business supply chains, retailer value chains, and fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers. They leverage proprietary technology to provide branchless financial services to small-scale suppliers, trading companies, and industrial processors.

Photo: Umati Twitter account

Fintech companies in Kenya are doing a great job in providing solutions to problems that we have been facing for a while. And through the encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship, the industry will keep on growing at a very high rate and will continue to do so for a number of years.



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