How To Deal With A Toxic Work Environment

When praying for a job no one ever really thinks about including having a non-toxic working environment in the prayer list. Often times we only talk about the salary expectations to God. We pray and fast to get a job that will match the lifestyle that we want and in a reputable company. But the truth is having your dream job in a toxic work environment is really something that you don’t want to experience in this life.

Having worked in a toxic working environment I can tell you for free that having a peaceful working environment is as much a priority as having a good salary. Your workplace can affect your mental health and general well-being. People who have yet to work in a toxic workplace always never forget to point out “hakuna pazuri” and “vumilia tuu”. But they never really understand the mental toll such places have on an individual.

Working in toxic working environments can make you feel sick to your stomach every time your alarm rings on a working day. You wake up feeling like you haven’t slept a wink and always asking yourself, “Is this job really worth it?” And because you have bills to pay and mouths to feed you wake up and endure it all. This was me for three months, but it felt like it had been years.

The place I worked for got so toxic that I once got a panic attack. Something that I had never experienced in my life.  And it was at that point, that I knew something had to change or I will get into depression or die on a job that barely pays me a million dollars. I had to find ways of dealing with a toxic work environment as I put in motion my exit plan. Here are some of the things that worked in helping me deal with a toxic work environment.

Ignore everything around you

I know you feel that this is easier said than done. But trust me if you are intentional about it will work. Get to the office sit by your desk, do your job and just ignore the people who don’t make you happy in that office. Ignoring them will have you not entertaining their bad vibes and will just save you the headache.

Talk to people

Make sure you talk to your friends and family about what is happening at work.  By venting it all out you get to release the pains and frustrations that are stored in your heart. Always make sure that you talk to people that you trust and people who will validate your feelings. You don’t want to be talking to a person who will make you feel sad about the situation. And if you are the one being talked to about a toxic work environment just listening alone helps. We don’t need advice we just need someone to tell these things to.

Have a good life outside work

Having realized the toll my work had put on me. I made a resolve to make my home a heaven that I will always love to go back to. This gave me something to look forward to at the end of a hard day at work. My house literally had everything that I loved: food, Wi-Fi, snacks, and a good décor courtesy of Priscah Interiors. These things literally made my heart feel warm and content.  I also made sure that on weekends I spent time with friends and family. Having things to do outside work really helped me to bear another week and month. As it gave me hope that there are good things happening in my life as well apart from my negative workplace.

Remind yourself daily that the situation is only temporary

This reminder on a daily can lift up your moods for sure. For me, this really made me happy knowing that one day one time the toxic workplace will be a thing of the past. Truly nothing lasts forever.

Try to figure a way out

This is a very important step when dealing with a toxic work environment. Apply for as many jobs as possible to increase your possibility of finding a better fit and leaving. This part also increases your hope that this bad phase in your life will soon end.  You can also look for a viable business that can sustain you in the event you quit.

These 5 tips really changed my life and made me bare at least a month in that organization. I am lucky that I only got to deal with that environment for 3 months but most people aren’t. No matter how long it takes remember that bad days do come to an end. You too will get to leave that organization and find a place that will value the skills you bring to the table. Remember to keep yourself healthy, do what you need to survive, and when you get out, work on recovering. 



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