Should you Leave your 8-5 Job to Focus on Entrepreneurship?

Many people tend to struggle with the decision of keeping their day jobs as they work to build their own businesses. It’s even more challenging especially when the business is doing quite well and an internal struggle ensues that keeps you doubting if you’ll make the right decision.  

Other times a person may not already have a business up and running but the business that he/she is thinking of establishing might be too demanding to split time between a day job and the business. And that demands a decision to be made, a tough one for that matter.

We all know there are risks involved in quitting a stable job to go out into the unknown streets of entrepreneurship. But most often than not, the rewards of pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams are always high. The key to leaving your job is to be realistic, rational, and prepared.  As you consider leaving your job to focus on entrepreneurship, it is important to have an honest conversation with yourself and answer these questions truthfully. The answer to these questions would give you an insight if you are to take the leap and quit your 8-5 job.

Do you have enough money to survive?

Finances are always a major factor to consider before leaving your job. Do you have enough money for your daily needs, and that to be used for running your own business? If not you need to set up a plan on how you are going to accumulate money that will sustain you for at least 6 months.

Do you have a worst-case scenario plan?

Just in case your business fails and you run out of money, what happens next? The most likely thing to do is go out and seek employment again. So plan for this by keeping in contact with people who can give you a job when need be.

Are you willing to trust the process?

In entrepreneurship taking small steps in the right direction is very important. Even though things might not always work out it is important to always take a step and trust the process. A new business requires a good state of mind, motivation, vitality, and focus. It will also take up a lot of your time. Trusting the process will help you learn and see your general growth over time.

Are you ready to hear the word “no” a lot?

When trying to make sales you will hear “no” many times along the way. The cold-hearted truth is that nobody cares until you tell them how you are solving their problem better, faster, and more creatively for less money. And still, with that, you will still face rejection. You, therefore, need to develop thick skin. Ask yourself, first, how well you normally handle rejection and, second, how comfortable you are asking others to buy from you.

Are you willing to fail and succeed?

Business owners who succeed are those who are willing to fail. When you start a business, if you have done your research and have built your foundation, you may succeed, and you may suffer many failures. Be willing to embrace the lessons learned in failure and success as needed.

Being an entrepreneur is special. Its very essence is to create and bring something into manifestation that didn’t exist before. As you start or continue your journey in entrepreneurship don’t be discouraged that your idea isn’t getting enough support. Your job is to design a solution, product, or process that the general public didn’t think it needed. Just ensure before you quit your job you have a proper plan as a business can drain you financially and emotionally. Always remember that the world needs your brilliance.

After answering these questions, do you still think it is wise to quit your 8-5 job for entrepreneurship? Let us know your thoughts on the comment section below.



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