All You Need To Know About The New Android 12.

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Android users have had something to smile about since the release of the newest android operating system, the android 12. The android 12 which was released in October 2021 is said to be the biggest design change the android operating system has received in years.  With Android 12, you can expect to see great and amazing changes such as customizable color palettes, updated notifications and faster, battery-saving performance.

The android 12 roll out began in October 4th 2021 and was majorly available on Google’s Pixel 3 and above mobile devices. Since then, the roll out has been gradual throughout the world. Samsung is actually taking the lead in the roll out beating even the Pixel with the December Security patch.

In Kenya, the first roll out of the android 12 was received on January 5th 2022 on the Samsung Galaxy Z flip3 phone.  And gradually many Samsung devices will receive the android 12 update. We are not sure when the likes of Tecno, infinix, huwaei etc will roll out the android 12 to devices in Kenya but it will be soon enough for sure.

As you wait for your android device to receive the newest operating system in the market, here is what to expect from the android 12.

Customized Color Themes

It’s amazing what emerging technologies can do to make your user experience more personal. With the android 12 expect that once you choose your wallpaper a feature called color extraction, will customize your entire phone including your lock screen, widgets and notifications, with custom complementary colors. Making your phone more vibrant and more your style.

Better Notification Management

With the new android 12 your notifications have been redesigned to be more modern and functional. When you tap on a notification, it will take you directly to the app or action you want to take, instead of going through an intermediary service to start that action. This should make everything run faster.

Double Tap Option

You know that feature that allows IPhone users to tap on the apple logo and a certain action is taken by the device. Now your android device will have that same feature. By tapping the back of your Android phone a set number of times you will be able to trigger the action of your choosing. Just enable the function in settings under gestures; you will then see a list of actions you can set, like playing and pausing media, taking a screenshot etc.

Better App Privacy Features

With the android 12, Google is adding new privacy features to apps to give you more control. The privacy dashboard will help you keep track of apps actions and let you prevent apps from collecting unwanted information and turn off your camera and microphone across all apps. With this feature you can know which apps are collecting your data and what exact data they are collecting.

Improved display and Response to Touch

The new android 12 enhances your display and also involves more fluid motions, animations and responses to your touch. You’ll find an always-on display, and more adaptive notifications — for example, when you dismiss them on the lock screen, the clock will appear larger, so you know you’re caught up.

Trash and recycle bin management

You will now be able to manage your trash and recycle bin and know exactly how much storage space your trashed items are taking up and clear them up accordingly.

I know you must be wondering if your device is compatible with the new android 12 update. Well with a lot of android devices being available it is quite hard to list all the devices that will support the update. But you can expect newer phones from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo and other manufacturers to be compatible.

Whether you will receive your new android 12 update early this year or later in the year, the new update is something worth looking forward to. These new features will give you more power to protect your data and privacy and also enhance your user experience on your android device.




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