How To Get Maximum Results on Facebook Ads in 2022

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Long gone are the days when organic reach only could fulfill your online business objectives. With a single post on Facebook in 2012, you could reach thousands of people without putting in too much effort. But now that is no longer the case. You either have to be very brilliant in content creation or have a unique way of sharing your brand’s message for you to get the type of traction you need organically. This is because with time the algorithms in Facebook have kept on changing reducing the number of organic reaches but increasing the success rate of paid ads.

Now more than ever incorporating paid ads into your business is more of a need than a want. And lucky for you, with the improved algorithms, you can reap a lot of benefits from it. I certainly believe you cannot be a top dog in the social media space without paid advertisement, be it through Facebook ads or by the use of social media influencers.

However, the use of paid ads isn’t always smooth sailing as it is portrayed by digital marketers online. You can be putting in money every other week but the results can be decimal and that can be totally frustrating.  I actually remember a time that I was trapped in the cycle of having hundreds of likes but not a single sale. I literally thought I did everything right but no, there were some aspects of social media marketing that I was slacking on.

After discovering these tips, it revolutionized my ads spend and cost of pay per click. Here are some very important tips that you need to know to help you maximize your Facebook ads and increase your ROI.

  1. Let Facebook take the lead

You may not want to believe it but Facebook actually knows what it’s doing and you need to trust it to deliver. But there is a catch here; you need to provide all the necessary details for FB to know what is best for your business. Make sure you determine your business goals and who you want to reach, from there Facebook advertising optimization tools will find the people you’re looking for and utilize your ad spend most effectively to drive results for your business.

2. Analyze your target audience

Your Facebook ad could be underperforming either because your target audience is too small or you haven’t defined your audience. Your audience selection is one of the keys to the success of your business both on Facebook and off. You cannot be selling gumboots and you select a target audience living in Turkana with home improvement behavior.  

Get armed with information like your target audience’s age, spending habits, locations, and other interests, so that you can easily show your ads to the people most likely to be interested in them. Depending on your offerings, you will likely have more than one custom audience with different demographics, etc.  To really get the most out of your campaigns, it’s best to build custom audiences based on which types of users produce the most profit for your company.

If unsure about your audience you can use audience insights to learn more about the people that engage with your business or create a lookalike audience to reach new people who are similar to your best existing customers.

3. Increase your Facebook ads spend

If you are trying to cut down the costs of running your business, cutting down your ad spend is not one of them.  Truth be told, you can actually do a lot on Facebook ads with a relatively small budget. But if you go too low, this could mean you’re not getting the reach you want to see.

4. Choose a campaign objective that aligns with your business goals

Your campaign objective must be aligned with the goals you want to achieve for your business. Ask yourself what success looks like and think about what action you want your audience to take after seeing your ad. Once you have a goal in mind, you can choose a campaign objective that aligns with the results you are looking to drive for your business.

5. Install the Facebook Pixel

For the longest time, I never installed the Facebook Pixel, but once I had it my ads really improved progressively. The Facebook pixel is important as it helps track actions taken on your website so you can learn more about your customers and the people engaging with your business, and then it optimizes ad campaigns to reach the right people.

6. Check on your Facebook relevance score

This feature is often overlooked in Facebook marketing, but it’s too important not to mention. This is because advertisers enjoy: reaching more people for less money, testing ad creative options before running a campaign, and optimizing campaigns in progress if their relevance score is high.

Facebook uses its Relevance Score scale (1-10) to rank ads based on how engaging and interesting your ads are to your selected audience. The higher your score, the better. This means it’s being shown to more people and your reach is better.

As we wind up it is important to note that there’s a big difference between your Facebook Ads not reaching anyone and your Facebook Ads not delivering. In fact, your Facebook Ads could be highly visible like mine was, but just not getting enough conversions or clicks. If they aren’t getting results follow the tips above and thank us later. But if they are not reaching anyone contact us and let us help you get your Facebook ads on track.



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