How To Have The Perfect Work And Home Balance When Working From Home.

When I finished my undergraduate degree from the best university in Kenya, the Kenyatta university -UON alumni will have this argument some other time- I thought I would get to work in a corner office till I retire. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be working from home full time. It is crazy to think we are somewhat programmed to do life in a specific way but “miss Rona” changed up everything. And here we are living our “best lives” working from home and walking around like thieves.

I know I cannot be the only one who has had trouble fully adjusting to home offices. If you have read my articles, you are well aware I live alone, but, I decided to go back home for some time. It was getting a little too lonely. Living in a family of six is full of drama and unending storytelling. And getting time to work can become an extreme sport. It took me a while to get a hang of it but right now I can call myself a pro. Here are the tips that are guiding me to having a perfect work and home balance as we try to flatten the curve.

Set up a work Station

Your first priority should be to set aside a room or area in your house that you use exclusively for work. It is a big mistake to always work from everywhere or anywhere. Your family needs to know that when they see you sitting in your corner is all work and no play. This too will work in reducing the distractions that can come your way.

Think of everything you would have in a regular office at a regular job, everything you need for work and nothing else, and make sure your home office has that. Consider this space sacred. Make sure the space is not used for other purposes besides work.

Have an enforced work schedule

It might seem unnecessary to have a working schedule when you have the luxury not to. But the truth is having a schedule will increase your productivity while ensuring you don’t work extra hours. Before I set up my schedule, I used to face a lot of distractions as my family never knew when I was working or not. Now they only call me when I am on my break and past my work time. You should however consider setting up your schedule between 8 am-5 pm so as to easily work with your colleagues on projects.

Create boundaries

What I mean is that you should know when to work and when to wash that pile of clothes in your laundry basket. Boundaries are very important for any relationship to thrive including your work and home relationship. Sometimes work can get you staring at your laptop 24/7. So make every effort to be present in your life, whether you’re trying to finish up a big project or if you’re having a conversation with your parents or children. Setting boundaries will ultimately make you a better, stronger, and happier worker and person.

Ignore distractions

This is the hardest part when you are living with a bunch of hooligans ( I hope my family doesn’t kill me for this). Distractions are looming everywhere and the best way to keep you from them is by ignoring them. As much as you would want to watch that new series on Netflix or clean up a few things in the house you have to block that until you’re done with your work for the day.

I hope these 4 tips help you hack the work and home balance like a pro. Employing these tools will have you being more productive at work and still have a good relationship with the family. If you have a tip that will help someone out please share it in the comment section below.



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