Interesting Features on the New M-PESA App

Have you downloaded or upgraded to the new M-PESA app? Safaricom PLC recently unveiled its new M-PESA app, offering users a new range of features for financial management and their overall digital lifestyles.

Before I talk about the features, you need to know that if you are downloading the app for the first time, there is a cash-back of KES 500 and FREE data from Safaricom.

When the new app was unveiled, I was looking forward to seeing what new features had been introduced or the re-introduction of old features that some users had for a long time asked Safaricom to bring back, like the M-Ledger.

At a glance, one is able to view their spending habits and access past transactions.

Some of the interesting features that stand out on this app include the following:


This has integrated different services from frequently used service providers, meaning that users can access their favorite service providers right through the M-Pesa app without having to open other multiple apps.

One is able to pay bills, buy tickets or even purchase gas right through the app using the different Mini-Apps.

Some of the service providers include BuuPass, Madaraka Express, Mnet, Pro Gas, among many others.

Multiple Transactions

A user is able to perform more than one transaction at a time, enabling one to send money to many people at a time. This is made possible because your phonebook is populated in the app, allowing one to choose the people they want to send money to. This can also be complemented by a short description in form of a text or gif, to explain why you are sending the money.


With the emergence of digital financial apps, the issue of security always takes center stage. Users have to be confident that their using of the app does not reveal their private data and that measures have been put in place to secure their transactions.

This is something that has been considered in the new M-Pesa app as users have a choice to use different authentication methods to unlock and use the app. One can either use a pin, facial recognition or use a fingerprint.

Other hosts of security measures like secret codes and security questions have also been intergrated in case of a suspicious login attempt.

Request Money

One can be able to request money through the app and explain what the money will be used for. This is a great move as a user will be able to know exactly how much money has been requested and what was its intended purpose.

Ladies can now request for ‘fare’ right through the app.

There are so many other interesting features like customizing one’s profile, confirming transactions to ensure money reaches the intended recipient/s and being able to use the app in offline mode.

The new M-Pesa app has been launched after a testing period where 1 million users took part in the testing phase.

The covid-19 pandemic has pushed many people to embrace digital financial apps, with M-Pesa being the most used app in Kenya. It is just prudent that the app fits into users’ lifestyles and ensures the convenience and security that users demand from financial apps.



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