Working from Home Made Easier with the New Microsoft USB-C Speaker and Modern Webcam

Microsoft USB-C Speaker Image: Microsoft

With the ongoing pandemic, many workers have transitioned from working from the office to working from home. This has been made possible with different online technology platforms that have come in handy to help workers and/or teams collaborate seamlessly across the globe.

Microsoft recently unveiled some great modern gadgets to make your working from home experience smooth and quality. The long-awaited Microsoft Modern webcam was unveiled alongside the Microsoft USB-C Speaker and other great accessories to make your online meetings better.

Microsoft Modern Webcam

Image: Microsoft

This is a simple and modern webcam with an easy-to-mount system designed for students or workers to handle their virtual meetings from a PC or laptop.

It’s a 1080p webcam with HDR support at 30fps connecting through the USB-A port as it lacks the USB-C port. Something great about this webcam is the privacy shutter and LED indicator to let you know if the webcam is active.

We’ve at times encountered videos online of how some users forgot to switch off their cameras and ended up showing the world stuff that ought to have been private.

This webcam will retail from $70 once in the market.

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker

Image: Microsoft

The speaker has the standard mute, volume, and call buttons and also comes with a dedicated button to launch Microsoft Teams.

The speaker is nicely portable as it’s almost about five inches wide and comes with with storage for the USB-C connection and a case for protection when moving around.

The speaker includes omni-directional microphones and background noise cancellation to improve audio quality, a challenge many users have had to grapple with.

Something else about the speaker is that one will be able to output any audio like music from the speaker as well, though it was designed for meetings.

The Microsoft USB-C speaker will be available in June priced at $99.99.

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