How To Build Brand Loyalty in The Digital Era

Brand loyalty, what do we mean by this? Well, according to the oxford dictionary it is when some consumers tend to continue buying the same brand of goods rather than competing brands. So in simple terms it is the ability of companies to have customers be that girlfriend that won’t leave her boyfriend no matter what.

During the coronavirus pandemic, most businesses realized the importance of having customers stuck to them like glue. Most of the businesses that have survived these harsh times have been businesses that have a loyal customer base. I even personally experienced it. If you ply the Donholm -Savannah route in Nairobi, you are well aware that they are two major matatus Saccos that people love to use. One is known to always have a long queue and the other one rarely has one, but you have to dig in deeper into your pocket by Ksh20. Just recently, a new Sacco came into our route and it was strategically placed next to the Sacco that always has a long line. I knew this was a brilliant plan, who wouldn’t?

The customers however weren’t even bothered about the new Sacco that came into play, they didn’t even give them a shut of an eyelid. They acted very blind, the way Kenyans were in voting twice for the same person. Believe it or not, that new Sacco is cheaper by Ksh30 but nobody bothers to even look their way even when there is a long line in the competing Sacco. These Sacco’s customers would rather make a long queue and not save a cent just to have a split second in the comfort of their preferred Sacco. How awesome is this? This is what all businesses should aim for in this digital era.

So, what makes this Sacco so unique that their customers want to be their guests every single day? Well, here are a few tips that I gathered that will help your company be that Sacco in your niche:


The only way you can bring emotion to your brand is by giving your brand a personality. Start by adding a human touch to your company. This can be achieved by creating content that appeals to the consumers’ emotional state, ego, needs, and aspirations.

If there is a brand that evokes emotions in a lot of Kenyans, it is Equity Bank. Almost all the adverts explain how well they have been able to change the lives of people banking with them. And you just know how awesome it is to know that a company has got your back, you know.


There is nothing as great as delivering more than what is expected when it comes to quality and value. This is something customers appreciate. When the services and products you provide are of the highest quality, maintaining your clients won’t be hard. They will even bring you more customers due to the quality of your work.

If there is something that has kept me glued to my shoe plug, Shoe Palace ke, it is their efforts in always giving me the best quality shoes no matter what. There are times I have ordered shoes on short notice and they have delivered without fail. And that is why I always remain loyal to them.


We all love familiarity that is why as a business, you should value consistency. The moment your customers consistently get what they want, they won’t bat an eye at your competitors’ newest deals or offers.  This also builds authenticity and trust.

We always wonder why Safaricom has very loyal clients yet their rates are quite something. Well, it is simple – consistency in everything that they do. Have you ever been to a place where there is completely no Safaricom signal? There you have it.


Another way of building loyalty is by focusing your organization’s combined efforts on customer experience and service. Always be responsive to your clients when they get in touch and look to understand them in every way.

How can I not mention Safaricom when it comes to customer service? Do I even need to explain this guys? Safaricom simply adores its customers and tries to respond to every query posed on their different platforms.


Sometimes, the best way to make a positive impression with your customers is to surprise them. Providing unexpected incentives in this way helps strengthen the bond and shows real appreciation whereby you are essentially thanking them for being your customer. Sending gifts or messages during birthdays and other personal milestones, as well as during seasonal events, is a quick and easy way to achieve this.

I just love how my bank always sends me cute little messages on my birthday. If only they could add a few zeros to my account on such special days. I bet you are wondering which bank it is. If you have been a loyal reader, you know. In case you are new, here is a link to one article that will get you in the loop.

As we hope and pray for the end of the coronavirus pandemic, we want you to keep the faith that your business will make it during this hard time. No matter how hard it gets, you will be alright. Just put in place these measures that will allow your businesses to build brand loyalty. BE SAFE!



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