Nokia 1.4 and Nokia 5.4 Now Available in Kenya

This week saw the launch of two more Nokia smartphones in the Kenyan market, the Nokia 1.4 and Nokia 5.4 devices. This comes at a time when smartphone manufacturers are conforming to the changing digital times, by coming up with devices that suit today’s consumer needs. Nokia phones have a well-deserved reputation for being sturdy, durable devices and these two are no exception. Below are the specifications of the devices and their price.

Nokia 1.4

Nokia 1.4 Front


The dual camera setup coupled with Camera Go app by Google helps you take high quality photos at any time, even under low light conditions. Capture precious family moments with Portrait Mode that lets you achieve professional-looking photos with blurred backgrounds. Use Night Mode to take colour-rich and crisp low-light shots without the need for flash. Helpful storage indicators will take away any worries about space so you can carry on snapping. 

The built-in macro lens will entertain the whole family as kids get up close and personal with slugs, bugs, and flowers while exploring the great outdoors and come in handy at home when you need to zoom in on the fine print on the latest utility bill.   

This is an affordable phone which you can happily hand over to the children to borrow without worrying about the condition it will come back in. 

Design-wise it is crafted to sit securely in any hand and contains a Qualcomm® chipset and fingerprint sensor.  

Staying true to Nokia smartphone values, the Nokia 1.4 is ready for AndroidTM 11 (Go edition) and beyond. It offers a faster, more secure way of doing things with our unique Android promise and at least three years of security updates, you can rest assured your phone will stand the test of time on the inside as much as on the outside.  

Built-in parental controls allow users to manage content downloaded from Google Play store, and will give grown-ups the peace of mind to allow children to listen, learn or play until their hearts are content.  

Battery Life 

And there is no need to worry about battery life either. The Nokia 1.4 will keep you entertained and connected at the same time thanks to the improved two-day capacity of the phone’s impressive powerpack.    

So, whether it’s long video calls, streaming or playing games, there’s more than enough power to keep the whole family occupied. 

The price-point will make it appealing to anyone who wants state-of-the-art tech for half the cost of a typical family’s weekly food shop.  

Your Nokia 1.4 can: 

  • Capture close-up details of slugs, bugs and flowers when you’re outdoors or utility bill small print with the new macro camera  
  • Easily power through the kids’ Google Meet for morning registration, and your work team’s afternoon video call with 2-day battery life1 
  • Offer you a better viewing experience with a screen the size
  • Stay updated for at least the same time it takes your child to walk, talk, learn to speak and tell their own stories with three years of monthly security updates 

 Pricing and availability  

The Nokia 1.4 is available in mobile retail stores, Safaricom shops and comes in Fjord, Charcoal and Dusk with 2GB/32GB RAM/ROM configuration priced at an average global retail price of Sh12,499. There is also a screen protector and back phone cover as part of the accessories in the box.

Nokia 5.4


Championing speed and performance at amazing value, the Nokia 5.4 is the perfect partner for budding photographers. The signature quad camera stamps out shutter lag completely and has been upgraded to 48 megapixels – that’s 162 times better than the first Nokia camera phone (the Nokia 7650). This means you’ll never miss a moment – whether you’re capturing your passion project or precious family moments. 

Capture moments like the pros  

The impressive combo of a 48MP quad camera and 16MP front camera allows you to take stunning photos and videos. Capturing incredible detail at any time and in any place has never been easier – be it in the light, dark, at home or on the move. The main camera’s ultra-wide lens takes in the bigger picture and is perfect for expansive landscape shots. Meanwhile, the depth and macro cameras will get those portraits and close-up snaps just right. Shutter lag is so often the ruin of that on-the-move, once in a lifetime shot – for the Nokia 5.4, this has been reduced to zero, meaning you won’t miss that never-again moment. 

Rely on AI with Qualcomm® 

You can always depend on the Nokia 5.4 to prioritize what matters to you. Whether it’s working, gaming, streaming, snapping or entertaining your little ones, your Nokia 5.4 will optimize its power to deliver more speed, longer battery life, better imaging and increased performance where needed. This is all thanks to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 Mobile Platform. Optimized with the latest AI technology, this software is there to make smart decisions in the background, to help you with your day-to-day. 

Set your sights on something strong and beautiful 

Give yourself more room for work and play. The immersive 6.39” HD+ punch-hole display provides more screen to enjoy whilst staying pocketable and easy to hold. Thanks to superior build quality, the Nokia 5.4 looks just as good on the outside as it does on the inside.  All Nokia handsets undergo rigorous testingvi to give you a phone that’s built to last and tough enough to withstand the weight of a 10-year-old childvii. Featuring a durable rear cover, the eye-catching design is also a nod to its Nordic heritage. Available in stunning living colours (Polar Night and Dusk), the Nokia 5.4 gives you a captivating look that’s hard to resist. Evoking the tones of a winter night’s sky, the shades shift in hue as you move.  

Power for days, while staying secure and up to date 

With a generous two-dayviii battery life, the Nokia 5.4 is there for you and your family when you need it most and it gives you the freedom to do more. AI-assisted Adaptive Battery technology offers smarter app usage and prioritizes power to the things that matter to you. 

Your Nokia 5.4 has: 

  • 4000mAh battery
  • 3 years of security updates – the same time it takes for a child to walk, talk, learn to speak and tell their own stories 
  • Tough polycarbonate body – strong enough to withstand the weight of a 10-year-old child (average global weight is 70.5lb) 
  • 48MP camera – 160 times more detail than the first ever Nokia camera phone (Nokia 7650)  
  • 0 shutter lag – 100% chance of capturing your child’s first cartwheel on camera 
  • 60FPS – nearly 3 times as smooth as cinema industry cameras  

Pricing and availability  

The Nokia 5.4 is currently available in the Country and comes in Polar Night and Dusk color options with the 4/128 RAM/ROM configuration priced at Sh 24,500. Additionally, HMD has included a screen protector and a clear back phone cover as part of accessories in the box.



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