Companies That Care Day: Top 6 Kenyan Companies You Need to Work For

Have you ever really loved the company you work for? Did that company give you the feeling that what you did was important and that your contribution mattered? Or should we leave that discussion for another day? Finding a company that gives you this sought of satisfaction and more in Kenya is quite rare. It’s like finding a pin in a haystack.

Most Kenyan companies make it their responsibility to frustrate employees, letting them know that they can be replaced in a snap of a finger. As Kenyans, we have gotten so used to this trend that finding a company that cares for our needs as an employee sends jitters down our spine. But in reality, that is the way we should be treated by companies.

Today is companies that care day. A day set aside to celebrate businesses that care for their employees. It is also a day that encourages employers to do more. This day is about raising awareness about different steps that employers can take to grow their community and employee initiatives. There are a lot of businesses out there that could be doing more for the community and more for their employees, but they aren’t. If you are reading this and you believe that it applies to you, why not commit yourself to do something more on Companies That Care Day and all of the days that follow?

In light of this special day, I want to highlight some of the companies that are doing a great job in caring for the needs of their employees in Kenya. It is not every day that we celebrate such days but when we do we celebrate it specially.


My dream has always been to work for Safaricom for the longest time. It is not just because it is the biggest telecommunications company in Africa but simply because it has one of the best work-life balance. Not to mention the nicely packed salary packages and expensive company retreats. Safaricom is also well known for being the first company to put in place a breastfeeding area for working mothers.

In terms of salary an accountant, for instance, takes home a monthly salary of between 75-90K.

It is also among the top companies when it comes to gender balance, according to the just concluded DIAR Awards.

East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL)

EABL is one of Kenya’s greatest pride. Despite other breweries coming up, EABL remains one of the best companies to work for in Kenya. It does not just offer juicy salary packages but it also provides a conducive environment for employees to develop their skills and potential.

Google- Kenya

Who wouldn’t want to work for one of the biggest companies in the world, let alone Kenya? Working at Google is like working in the USA, to say the least. They provide you with everything that you will need to help you grow as a wholesome individual. They also have flexible working models for their employees.

And let’s not talk about the salaries, they are just heavenly.

Unilever Kenya

Unilever Kenya made it to the list not because it’s a multinational company but because it has set in place measures that ensure every employee grows in their different fields.

In terms of salaries, graduate trainees at Unilever go home with between 90-120K every month.

In 2016, they won the Top Employer Kenya Awards which proves that they are serious about employee empowerment.

Nation Media Group (NMD)

NMD is one of the oldest media companies in Kenya and luckily they don’t take employees’ needs as a joke. The company is known for offering its employees room for growth and for providing them a good working environment.

In terms of salary, communication, or journalism student would earn between 75-120K at NMG. The catch however is that you have to be good. It’s not all about papers but what you can do.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

It is not just about being a multinational company. It is about behaving like one. PWC is one of the multinational companies that offers its employees a great work-life balance and great salary packages.  Though there have been some murmurs that the workload is not to joke with.

In terms of salary, fresh graduates earn about Ksh80-100K per month.

Everyone wants to work in a company that pushes us to grow, encourages us, and enables us to succeed. Working in an environment like this can be a great source of support and positive energy. These are benefits that can flow into other areas of our lives as well. Companies That Care Day encourages us to celebrate employers-such as the ones mentioned above- out there that are doing their bit to make their employees feel cared about and help them to progress in life.

In case we have missed out on your company, do let us know in the comment section. We will definitely highlight it.



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