10 Content Ideas to Spruce Up Your Social Media

Different brands are joining social media everyday, as they have come to the realization that that is where the customer is. However, as many of them join this fast-moving media, some of them lack the appropriate content and consistency in posting and end up not reaping the full benefits of social media.

Whatever industry your company falls in, you need to keep your social feed updated frequently with a mix of content to keep your audience glued and interacting with your brand.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret. I got you covered with these 10 amazing content ideas to help you keep your feed updated.

1. Your Company’s Blog Posts

When you post articles on your company blog, you should also share them on social media in a different format. It could be an interesting excerpt from the article or a quote or even a statistic. Let it be something that will drive people to read more of the article.

2. Industry News

This could be a developing update about your industry or interesting data or statistics. For example, if the government introduces a new regulation that affects your industry, it would be great to share it. For tech industries, it could be a new gadget or software release. I could also think of a new appointment or a certain startup getting investment, and so forth.

3. Curated Content

Content shouldn’t be always about you or your products/services. You can also share/retweet other people’s or companies’ posts. This could include your fans’ posts that are relevant to your brand.

Remember, your timeline shouldn’t look like a sales pitch.

4. Question Posts

These could be asked in many forms. You could ask your customers or followers how they find a new product or service that you just launched into the market or what they think could be done to improve.

It could also be a question about what’s happening in the industry and you want your followers to give an opinion on the same.

You could even ask for predictions about an ongoing match.

5. Trending Topics

This is one of my favorite topics. There are so many ideas in this category. Some trending topics recur like #MotivationMonday, #WednesdayWisdom, #ThrowBackThursday and #FeelGoodFriday, while others are one-time trends depending on what’s happening at that time.

It could be the launch of a product/service, a political rally, a women empowerment discussion, a national or international holiday or even a conference.

The idea is to look for relevant topics for your industry or causes you care about instead of jumping on to any trending hashtag.

6. Tips and Advice

This could emanate from a product or service that you’ve used, so you could give tips on how to use the same.

It could be a how-to tutorial explaining how to use a certain product or service, or how to create a website or even a mango smoothie.

It could also include tips or advice for an entrepreneur or how to hack being a first-time mom, and many more.

7. Memes or GIFs

Bringing out some sense of humour in your posts should be on top of your content list. Your brand also needs to feel human.

This kind of content is good especially on weekends.

8. Videos

These could include live videos or pre-recorded videos. With the introduction of Facebook Live, Instagram live or periscope, one can share live happenings about the launch of a product/service/platform, a conference or even a team-building exercise.

If you’re a small business with a smaller audience, you could record the conversations and share short videos on your platforms as opposed to going fully live.
You could target a certain speaker or certain sections of a conference that you know people are highly likely to relate with more as compared to the whole conversation.

9. Product/Service Reviews

This is good, especially for the technology and lifestyle industries.
A lot of technology content revolves around reviewing software, different gadgets(smartphones, watches, entertainment systems etc).

For the lifestyle industry, content could revolve around reviewing different hotels/restaurants, holiday destinations,fashion items, hair products,makeup products and many other stuff.

There is no shortage of content when it comes to this category.

10. Contests/ Give aways

Many heads turn at the mention of the word “FREE”. So, giveaways are a great way to award your fans/followers and even gain more depending on the goal. It could be your company’s products, a subscription to your company’s services or even a free ticket. These kinds of posts always have more engagement and could help you build up your follower count.

Do you have any other content ideas on how brands can keep their social feeds looking fresh and inviting? Please share with us in the comments below.

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