5 Reasons why you should use Live Chat to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Why use Live chat to improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the holy grail of customer service. Research shows that 78% of consumers will not do repeat business with a company if they go through just one single poor customer service experience. That’s why businesses monitor customer satisfaction levels daily in a hope to employ strategies to ensure their consumers are satisfied with their services.

There are many strategies that a company can employ to ensure maximum customer satisfaction from their consumers. However due to technological advancements and the growth of social media new forms of customer service channels have emerged as businesses struggle to connect with their customers at a deeper level. Most of these strategies can barely achieve the same level of customer satisfaction with the new online platforms of customer service.

Luckily the advancement in digital tech has introduced Live Chat, an online platform of customer service that a company can leverage to improve customer satisfaction. A research done by edigital customer service benchmark showed that Live Chat has the highest level of satisfaction at 73% when compared to other channels of customer service. You may wonder why this could be so, we will take a look at five reasons why businesses should use live chat to improve customer satisfaction.

Prompt responses

Unlike other channels of customer service where a customer has to impatiently wait for an email response, or navigate an automated phone system, listen to pre-recorded messages or wait on hold. Live chat features options such as chat bots and click-to-chat features that allow the customer to talk to the service agents on demand.  It also features a co-browsing, Remote assistance and remote view options that allow the service agents to see what the customer is seeing real time. This makes it easier for the agents to understand the consumers’ grievances and help them solve their issues promptly and smoothly leaving a satisfied customer.

Requires less effort

Unfortunately , not all visitors to a website may know how to get a hold off the customer service agents when online, some may not want to leave a site to contact the agents while  some customers are simply just lazy and entitled , not willing to put any effort  to help the service agents understand their issues.  Luckily Live chat solutions can counter this with the chatbots and click-to-chat features which make it easy for site visitors to get questions answered or issues addressed with minimal effort. It is a win win situation for both parties.

Live Chats can address a variety of issues at one go

It has been proven more than once that a face-to-face interaction or real time audio conversations can address issues more expediently not only in customer service but in general human interactions. The audio and video chat capabilities of live chat enable service agents to seamlessly transition from written chat to an audio or video call. The many features of live chat allow the service representatives to view customer documents, screenshots from their internet powered devices as well as share documents; guide them through processes on the website using a variety of visual exchanges. These capabilities when combined facilitate addressing many issues that would have otherwise not been possible in one setting.

Personalized service experience

Customer service experts encourage businesses to provide a personalized customer service experience with their customers. Live chats go a step further by making the customers feel like they  are in the same room with them. The customers’ ability to see the service team members  and be guided by them  builds trust, communicates more clearly, and gives the customers  what they need more easily improving the overall customer satisfaction with a company.

Breaks down geographical barriers

They say the internet has made the world a global village. Some companies provide products and services that go beyond geographical borders. Take Amazon for example they offer services globally. With capabilities such as mobile chat and broad platform support, customers can connect with the customer service team from their mobile or desktop devices on iOS, Android, Mac, or PC platforms.  That feeling a consumer gets when they get their issues addressed by  service agents outside their geographical region reassures them of their ability to deliver and improves overall customer satisfaction.



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