Amazing Social Media Content Ideas For Banks.

Following the bank you bank with on social media has become the best possible thing to do nowadays as social media has become an avenue where individuals can be both professional and playful. Long gone are the days when banks hardly interacted with customers nor even posted a single thing online. It has now even become easier and faster to get your queries addressed through social media than through emails.

As we saw last week, banks have become very visible and relevant in the online space, and have even driven very useful social media campaigns that have made a positive impact on Kenyans. One social media campaign that really stood out for me was one that KCB Mpesa did on savings. This campaign really encouraged a savings culture among Kenyans.

Even though the banks have tried their best to be very present in the online space, most of them are slacking behind in posting good quality content. As we saw on our last week article most of the banks are using their social media handles to mostly promote their business instead of using it as an avenue of providing useful information. Here are 6 amazing social media content ideas for banks that will work great to improve the quality of content that Kenyan banks produce.

Educational Material

Kenyan banks should really work on making their social media platforms an avenue where their customers can get access to educational material. Not just any type of educational material but helpful educational material that will help individuals manage their funds better and take up loans wisely. In a survey done among 9 industries on customer trust, financial services ranked the lowest. This is because most of the banks used their time online marketing instead of building their customer trust through good quality content. We must mention that NCBA bank is doing a good job in this sector.

Bank Initiatives and activities

When the bank has a Corporate Social Responsibility project or a team building activity for employees, it will always be great to post it online. Customers are always looking forward to seeing their bank helping the community or even employees just having a good time. You can also encourage the employees participating to post it on social media, acting as advocates for the bank. Through this, you will be putting a face behind the brand which will work in bringing personality to your business.

Share Customer Testimonials as Stories

Everybody loves listening to a good story. And one of the ways you can work to increase your online engagement and reach is by telling beautiful stories that were made possible through the bank, which will work as a great marketing strategy.

Fun and Inspirational Content

It is not everyday that you wake up feeling 100. And on such days, waking up to a fun or inspirational quote from your favorite bank will surely brighten up your day. Fun and inspirational content is one way that works in making a page more humanly and not boring. You can not spend 7 days of the week being boring, surely.

Ask Questions

These are one of the ways you can build your engagement online and increase your organic reach. Just make sure the question asked is simple, relevant and fun. Don’t forget to respond to all the replies and advertise through the post.

Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love to be informed on the latest tips and tricks available in the banking sector? Well, you can inform your audience on these through a post or short video. I have never forgotten one tip video on credit cards that Absa Bank posted years back, it was very informative.

I hope you have learned something from my short ted talk on social media content ideas for banks. In case you need professional help in creating content for your business or brand, be sure to send us an email at or call us on +254 790505298 for a customized content plan and quote.



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