Top Podcasts Produced By Kenyans

I have never been a podcast kinda girl for the longest time. To me, it always sounded like another bujee thing that only influencers and Instagram rich kids could listen to. But little did I know that 2020 with all its glory would lead me to the world of podcasting- actively listening and producing my own podcasts. In listening and enjoying podcasts, I quickly realized that most Kenyans aren’t familiar to what podcasting is and majority of them only know of one podcast if at all none. This had me thinking as to why Kenyans haven’t jumped into enjoying this type of content. It most likely could be the lack of knowledge or of the perception that podcasts are for a certain group of people.

We therefore took to social media to find out which type of podcasts do Kenyans listen to and why. And the response was honestly underwhelming. Most of our audience did not even know what a podcast was and the few who did would mention international podcasts. This response sent us to a scavenger hunt for amazing podcasts produced by Kenyans.

A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. I would like to say its like “radio” of some sort.

Here is a list of top podcasts produced by Kenyans, and definitely worth a listen;

Legally Clueless

I would like to think Adelle Onyango is one of the pioneers of podcasting in Kenya. She has literally been one of the Kenyans who have been podcasting for the longest time. Every week for the past 74 weeks, she has been putting up content and people are loving her work. Her podcasts feature an array of African stories that are bold, true, and inspiring. If you need to laugh, cry or just listen to a good story, head over to her podcast. And did I mention she is the first East African to have a syndicated podcast? Partnering with Trace, her podcast now airs on Trace FM thrice a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am.

Chini ya Maji

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I am always looking up information on the startup scene in Kenya. And lucky for me I came across one podcast that covers Nairobi’s startup ecosystem; the players, dynamics, lessons, success stories etc.

The Cyco Podcast

This is one podcast that makes me laugh a lot and I know you will too, once you listen to it. The cyco podcast is a podcast that spreads positivity, feel good vibes and life lessons that we can all relate to.

The Spread

Sex is often a subject that is rarely talked about in public as it is somewhat a “taboo”. But the spread podcast is changing up all that by having conversations and talks around sex-positivity in Kenya, striving to make sex a comfortable subject for all.

Baby Steps

Two in every ten couples in Kenya suffer from infertility in Kenya, a study has shown. Baby steps podcast talks about fertility and the many diverse paths couples can take to become parents.

Post Grad Space

This is a podcast that every post graduate should listen to as it speaks on life after campus. How to position your self in the job market and how to tackle the different life challenges of after campus life.

Dream Podcast by Archie

Dream podcast is my baby as it was born slightly over a month a go. In my little heaven, I get to discuss life in a dreamer’s perspective, highlighting the highs and lows in achieving dreams. I also have a segment where I share snippets of my upcoming book.


This is a podcast that explores Kenya’s current affairs from a perspective different from that of mainstream traditional and new media.


I have always thought that life in diaspora is always roses and candy. But the truth is, that is not always the case. Afracanah discusses African current affairs including the African tech space, boss ladies, dating, development tropes and their take on being diaspora squared on the continent.

I hope you have found at least one podcast that you will regularly listen to. If you think we have left out any good podcast comment it down below and we will highlight it here.



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