Social Media Management and Support: A Case of Kenyan Banks

The corona virus pandemic has really changed up a lot of things in our lives. And one thing that is for sure money has become tighter than ever before. Every cent literally counts and we now hugely depend on online banking to carry out our daily transactions. With so many Kenyans dependent on online banking solutions, they most definitely must be engaging with their banks online.

I am always looking forward to engaging content from brands and busy professionals. And as I embarked on my weekly research on the type of content different industries post on their social media handles. I hoped Kenyan banks would make it on my good books. As we have talked about them a couple of times on our blog especially on matters, customer service.

Here are some of the Kenyan Banks we took a look at;

Equity Bank

Equity bank had to be the first on the list- congratulations James Mwangi- I mean their CEO was featured on Forbes Africa. On analyzing their social media pages it was quite unfortunate to only come across promotional material and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects they have been undertaking. It was also pretty obvious I wasn’t the only one who didn’t enjoy their content. Their audience was also having a hard time engaging with the content. With a following of 274.2k on twitter they averagely manage to get 4 retweets and 12 comments per post which is pretty low.

We also took a look at their tweet and reply section and we could see that the bank is trying to address their customer queries though not on time. The bank also seem to have a problem with their mobile app and customers keep on complaining on that.

Absa Bank

Absa bank formerly known as Barclays bank is very vocal on fostering discussions around mental health, which is very commendable. They also use there social media handles to hold online discussions on the banking sector and issues affecting Kenyans. They also do post promotional material but just the right dosage.

Going through their tweets and replies section they had a good reputation with their customers for prompt responses and hardly no complaints.


NCBA bank recently trended for all the wrong reasons after one of their clients expressed a very bad experience from the bank. The client eventually got help from the bank after an online uproar.

Looking through their social media pages I was very much impressed at the type of content the bank made available to its audience. It was not only engaging, but it was informational and fun. I really appreciated the work of the people managing the page and I quickly followed the account even though I don’t bank with the bank. It has a following of 59.3k on twitter and I would highly recommend that you follow.

On going through the tweets and replies section it was quite unfortunate to note that the bank had a lot of complaints. The customer service team however tried to answer promptly

Standard Chattered Bank

I have never been so bored going through a page in my life. The page wasn’t engaging at all and it was basically promoting the bank every two seconds.

On their tweets and replies section customers were not happy at all with their customer service. Most of them complained of late responses and about their app not functioning as it is supposed to function.

After going through the content some Kenyan banks make available to their social media users I am honestly disappointed. The banks in question are putting out below average content and they should work on improving the content they make available to their audiences. As a Kenyan who banks with these banks I honestly expect valuable information that will make me manage my funds better and invest wisely.

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