5 Creative Content Ideas To Post On Social Media For A Home Decor Business.

Brands and businesses are working day and night to be present on mainstream social media. But they often forget there mere presence is not enough. They need to be visible and grab their audiences attention by being consistent in representing their brands core values.

In creating content for different brands certain factors vary, yet certain fundamentals remain constant. Though basic elements of content creation remain the same, the ultimate product will be heavily influenced by the target audience of a particular brand.

So, today we take you through creative content ideas that will efficiently cater to your home decor audience.

Home Decoration Tips

Audiences enjoy useful information that can help transform their living spaces. And through your business page you can provide the inspiration that will get them excited about their home projects. You need to conjure up ideas that can come to life in their homes. These tip can range from items they can easily find in your shop to easy DIY projects. Make sure to post such tips at least once a week.

Contest/ Giveaways

Audiences love participating on contests and giveaways. And the great thing about this is that its a win win for the business and audience. In fact this is one of the best and surest ways to increase traction, followership and engagement.

The contests should be easy to solve, fun and product related. For the audience to win the contest make sure that following the brand, tagging friends and use of right hashtags is mandatory to win.

People are always looking to improve their homes and give it that Zing. And if that Zing could be won they would be more than happy to participate.

Home decorating ideas on a budget

It is always a great idea to give your audience home decor ideas that wouldn’t cost a fortune. Kenyans love to get a bargain and will be satisfied with what they see if they feel they have some cost cutting ideas from your social media pages. While at that you can carry out a sale on specific items.


Pictures work magic in the home decor world. When your audience views your products you want your audience to have an immediate idea of how it will add value to their living spaces. Instead of posting single-product photos, post photographs of entire settings. This posts can even tempt followers to become customers.

Fun content

It will be awfully boring to always be posting business related content. Your audiences will definitely appreciate some funny videos and memes that are related to home/office space. I personally enjoy business pages that make the effort to make their audience laugh/smile.

Remember to create content which is object-oriented. It can be to increase engagement, to increase followership or to increase traffic. Just be sure to always track your performance so as to know if your content online is fulfilling its objective.

We are sure if you consistently plan out your content with this creative ideas in mind you will grab your audiences attention. We hope these 5 tips will help you create a strong digital presence for your home decor brand.

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