6 Amazing Content Ideas To Post on Social Media For Supermarkets.

Some time last week, we took you through a case study on the content different Kenyan supermarkets post on their social media platforms. And today, we highlight some content ideas that will help supermarkets diversify on the type of content they make available to their audiences.

Through these 6 tips, they will be able to attract more leads and keep their shoppers engaged.

Fun videos

Social media users really enjoy short fun videos. In fact, Cisco says that 82% of all consumer web traffic is video. The videos can be created by supermarket staff doing the most random things or can include monthly features where employees are quizzed on where products are in different aisles. You will be shocked by the level of engagements you will get on such fun videos. All you have to do is to be a little creative and make sure to involve staff and shoppers.

Share recipes

A lot of Kenyans enjoy making home made meals thus sharing recipes would be a great way to interact with shoppers. Just be sure to use ingredients that can be purchased from the shop, so that the post can work as a promotional and an informational post. For instance, Carrefour shares very good recipes.

Use user generated content

What this means is that you can share content that other users posted featuring your supermarket or products they purchased from your supermarket. Such posts go a long way in building brand trust and loyalty.

Create polls/ Ask questions

One of the best ways to engage with your shoppers is through polls. Polls create a great interactive opportunity to get followers to engage with your supermarket’s content.

Quick Fact: social media is one of the few places where you can build a one on one connection with your audience.

Create informative, beneficial content

You need to ensure your customers have the best user experience across all your social media platforms. And all this can be made possible through creating informative, beneficial content.

Share a joke/ quote

It is always a good idea to crack up or motivate people. Every once a week you need to ensure your audience is served with some laughter and motivation.

Share a quick tip

Share quick tips on how to use certain items available in the supermarket, especially the ones that aren’t hugely popular. Through such posts, you can get to attract shoppers who were looking for that item.

While some of your posts may be encouraging engagement, you will have people that comment on your posts to complain, report an issue with your store, or ask questions. You’ll want to use this as an opportunity to answer and address questions and concerns. By doing so, you will ensure your shoppers experience the best customer service, because shoppers often remember the unanswered complaints and queries.

By consistently employing these 6 tips, you will be able to gain a huge following on your social media pages as you will be ensuring your audience has the best user experience. And as we all know, nothing beats great experiences with brands.

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