5 Desirable Qualities To Look For in a Digital Marketer in 2020

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The question on whether to incorporate digital marketing into your business promotion strategy deserves a straightforward YES! With this, comes the dilemma whether to hire an in-house digital marketer or go for a digital agency and outsource the services. Whichever the case, there are few pointers as to what you should look for in a digital marketer. This post is a breakdown of some of the most desirable qualities in one. Read on.

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  • Project management skills

More than anything else, the most desirable quality in a digital marketer or an agency is the ability to manage projects effectively to completion. A digital marketer that does not have this quality is going to fail at dismantling a huge task and with that, a less than impressive execution strategy.

Enquire from your prospect what their portfolio looks like and the duration it took them to accomplish a particular task for a client. It also helps if you can be more objective and ask some more questions on how they undertake each new project. A digital marketer that can give you a chronological order of how they perform their tasks is the person you are looking for.

  • SEO

Search engine optimization is the backbone of all businesses and websites on the internet. Previously, this was just an additional skill that a digital marketer could or could not have. Currently though, it is a necessity.

A DM who knows how search engines work will help you map out a plan that will work well for your business long-term. SEOs understand that ranking on search engines is a long game and will therefore do other tasks such as blogging with a view to rank top eventually. Probe your prospect on what is their proficiency in search engine optimization. The desirable candidate should understand the overall working of search engine algorithms, keyword research and strategy and technical SEO as well.

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  • Blogging

Text makes up a huge chunk of what people see online on a day-to-day basis. The text that your business sends out to its target audience must be such that it helps you get more customers or provide them some value. Through creating value, customers trust your business more and see you as a thought leader in a particular industry.

Your digital marketer should understand the basics of coming up with a good blog post that converts. Additionally, this person should also know their way around the most common blogging platforms such as WordPress and Wix.

  • Social Media Marketing

The true gist of digital marketing is on social media. While search engines discussed above play a significant role, people are found on social media sites. It is therefore important to look for a DM who understands the inner workings of social media marketing.

A desirable digital marketer is one who knows their way around Facebook and Instagram marketing. These two platforms host some of your largest target audiences and taking full advantage of this can help you drive more conversions in your business. The Facebook Ads panel is one thing that your digital marketer must have knowledge of, without this crucial knowledge the best thing you will see are just boosted posts. You can refer to my post on boosted posts and understand how best to suit these to your business goals.

  • Graphic Design

For the most part, a majority of the promotional campaigns you will do online will involve images and some graphics. The digital marketer that you go for needs to have some knowledge of the same for them to be most productive to your business.

In instances where the digital marketer is not very proficient at this, at least they should have the knowledge on how to use platforms such as Canva. These are open source libraries that graphic designers use to come up with posters, banners and whatnot for their campaigns.

Final Thoughts

A digital marketer is an essential team member for any business looking to cut it in the 21st century. Use the tips above to help you determine the right-fit individual for your business needs. Contact us at Kendesk for noble digital marketing services to scale your business online



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