Social Media Management and Support: A Case of Kenyan Supermarkets

Naivas supermarket often referred to as Naivas launched its 64th outlet at Airport view the other day, upholding its reputation as the largest supermarket chain in Kenya. And it was a joy to see a Kenyan brand growing and expanding during these harsh economic times.

The trending hashtag #naivas64th prompted me to check their social media handles, and it in-turn led me to do a bit of research on the type of content different supermarkets share on their social media timelines. Do they just dwell on posting promotional material or do they engage their audience with valuable information that they need?

The first on the list is Naivas of course!

Here are sample content from their twitter page;

We also checked out there customers’ responses. Here are a few screen grabs;

Unfortunately for Naivas Supermarket, their social media content is mostly based on promotional material. And once in a blue moon, they retweet positive feedback from a client. They have both positive and negative reviews about their products and services but I can see they try their best to respond to their clients in a timely manner.


Tuskys supermarket is currently sailing in deep waters, but we hope they will soon overcome this setback. Here are sample content from their twitter page;

Take a look at some of their customer feedback;

Going through their pages, I realized that Tuskys supermarket diversified the content they made available to their social media audience. They had a few informative posts and mixed it up with promotional material and client feedback. About 3 months ago, the CEO engaged the online community with interactive content through the hashtag #TuskysShopOnline, and I found the approach to be very fun and engaging. They are not as prompt when it comes to responding to customer queries, but customers are really rallying for them to get back on their feet.


Carrefour opened its doors to Kenyans two years ago, and since then, it is known for having some of the best deals. I took a look at their social media pages and here are some of the screen grabs;

Some customer feedback;

So far, carrefour had the widest range of content for their social media audiences. The content available is engaging, educative and sometimes promotional. When it came to responding to clients’ queries, they are very swift. And customers seem to be mostly happy with their products and customer service, apart from this one instance of poor customer service they once had when they had just entered the market, and we wrote about it. I hope they have completely changed for the better.


I totally love the thought through interior designing of all Quickmark supermarkets. It just makes me excited to shop. I hope their content on social media will make me excited to like and to follow. Here are a few screen grabs from their twitter;

We also took a look at some of their customer feedback;

The content available on Quickmart supermarket’s social media pages was unfortunately purely based on promotional material. No diversity in content whatsoever. From their tweets and reply section, it was clear that Quickmart don’t respond swiftly to customers’ queries. While customers kept on complaining about being wrongly charged for goods in different branches, their queries were never responded to.

On analyzing the content available on the different social media pages from various supermarkets, I realized that most supermarkets use their social media pages purely for promotional purposes. Yet social media pages should be an avenue where they can engage with their audience as well. Carrefour and Tuskys did a good job of diversifying their content. It was also good to note that customer queries are responded to both on Twitter and FaceBook platforms.

Supermarkets should, therefore, employ a different approach to the way they manage their social media accounts. They should strive to inform, engage, entertain, and sell.

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