Review: Dial a Delivery and Glovo Delivery Services.

Food delivery companies have been very helpful in reducing the rate of corona virus infections in Kenya. They have literally been able to keep our stomachs full without stepping a foot outside.

Since food delivery became a thing in Kenya, Consumers have been spoiled for choice- with over 50 apps to choose from on play store alone. And with having so many options, choosing the most efficient and affordable one can be quite a task.

Today, we review two of the most downloaded food delivery apps on play store- Glovo and Dial A Delivery (D.A.D). I personally enjoy eating my food at restaurants but since I am too scared of getting out of my house, I ordered in for the very first time. My first choice was Glovo, of course. Nobody in Nairobi hasn’t seen the numerous Glovo ads, be it on social media or on TV. And I just had to try it out and experience it first hand.

The Glovo app takes up 63.16MB of storage, which is quite chunky. The app however loads fast on stable internet connection. Once installed, you are required to key in your email address and preferred password. The app’s home page has a super easy user interface with everything grouped into categories. On top of the home page, lays a current location button. Make sure to key in your address as the app seems to have a problem on picking up a user’s location. My main interest was food so I quickly clicked on the restaurants option. A list of restaurants popped up on my screen including the delivery fee for each restaurant. I quickly made my order and in under 20 minutes it was delivered on my doorstep, hot.

D.A.D takes up 68.47MB of your phone’s storage. The app is a chicken inn, pizza inn, creamy inn and galitos online delivery platform, that offers free delivery(on orders above Ksh500) . After installing the app, you are not required to input any information and can navigate freely without logging in. After making an order you are then required to input your location and phone number. The app then quickly picks up your location and notifies you on the expected waiting period. My order had an estimated wait period of 45 minutes and was later delivered after 75 minutes. Which was quite disappointing considering I was very hungry.

It is pretty evident that both apps are good but differ on some aspects. For a food delivery business the average waiting time should be as fast as possible. A 20 minute wait time is understandable but a 60 minute one is unreasonably long. We live at a time when everything is fast pacing and D.A.D needs to catch up. The price points on food from chicken inn, pizza inn, creamy inn and galitos were exactly the same on both apps. I enjoyed the track my order option which was available on both apps.

So, between the two food delivery apps which is the best choice? I will have to go with, Glovo. Reason, fast delivery service. Nobody is patient especially when hungry and having food delivered fast will make any customer happy.



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