COVID 19: Top 5 E-Learning Platforms For Developing New Skills In Kenya.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss

The corona virus pandemic has changed the dynamics of our lives in so many ways. With everything that is “going wrong”, we can look to find a bright side to the situation.

We have all discovered that working from home is pretty great and that most people don’t need to be physically present for work to get done. Aside from the fact that it gets a little bit lonely in the home office, it’s pretty cool to work in your pajamas and eat a snack every ten minutes.

As you work from home, you can deliberately decide to use the time you would have spent on traffic to further your skills in management, marketing, graphic design, coding, AI or any other field you are interested in. These five online learning platforms offer a wide variety of courses from experts in the field or professors at top universities. Most of these classes are now offered at standardized prices or for free during the corona virus pandemic, so now’s a great time to register to learn and develop new skills.

Moringa School

Moringa is a quasi online learning platform meaning it mixes online learning and face to face interactions. The learning platform works on developing and nurturing skills in individuals passionate about technology. They offer programs in data science and software development, and it is one of the best mobile and web development schools in Kenya.

Before the corona virus pandemic, the platform would register students online then take them through training and workshops at Ngong Lane Plaza along Ngong Road. But now, learning is fully online and applications are currently ongoing.


It is a platform that brings together trainers and students to learn and share ideas for career development. A variety of courses are available for example: introduction to Facebook marketing, the online entrepreneur course, master your femininity and many more. The prices range from as low as Ksh100 to Ksh5,000.


This is a specially designed digital learning platform by Kenyatta university. Learners in this platform have access to interactive learning materials in form of videos, text, PDF, powerpoints, and info-graphics. The platform is very easy to navigate and learners can register their units through the platform. They only offer degree and diploma courses.


Are you looking to deep your feet into agribusiness? Usomi is the ideal learning platform to be apart of. The platform provides valuable information on genetic testing, produce aggregation and market sourcing. The platform also advises farmers on the best practices to adopt depending on different situations. It is the ultimate guide for a smart farmer.


Coursera is an international e-learning platform that provides high-quality courses from prestigious universities search as Yale. Through the platform, you can register for one-time workshops, professional specializations or master’s certificates from different online universities. Some of the courses are available for free while some vary in cost.

Take this #StayAtHome season to be a season of learning and develop new skills that you would otherwise be too busy for. Share your thoughts on these e-learning platforms.



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