SomaSmart : A Learning Platform Redefining Education in the Digital Era.

Kenya’s education system was officially changed from the 8-4-4 system to the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) 2-6-6-3 in 2017, following a directive given by the former education Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi.

The first CBC cohort piloted in 2017 will complete Grade 12 (currently Form 4) in 2028 and the last students who will go through the 8-4-4 system are currently in Class 5 (in 2020), taking Form 4 in 2027.

The CBC curriculum has been designed to help fulfill Kenya’s vision 2030 by creating wholesome individuals who can successfully transition from school to work. With Kenyans slowly adapting to the CBC curriculum, innovative Kenyans led by Mr. Joseph Chacha, have come up with a digital learning platform, the SomaSmart, to complement the learning experience. 

The SomaSmart digital learning platform is a platform based on CBC and caters for the needs of learners in pre-school, primary school and secondary school. The platform has gained over 5000 active subscribes so far and you can download the application on the google play store. If you are not an android user, there is no need to worry. The SomaSmart team has ensured that the platform is accessible via any technological device with a browser and internet i.e. laptop, desktop, tablet or even Smart TV at home.  

This is how the app looks like on android.

On the SomaSmart platform, learners get access to curriculum based educational content that is simple and interactive through animated characters. The language used in the content is simple and very easy to remember for all learners. The content available on the app does not only include videos but also audios and text-based courses.

After each topic, learners have access to self-test quizes that allow them to gauge how well they have understood the topic and their retention capabilities. On completing the text, learners view their scores and have an opportunity to review their work and make necessary corrections. Isn’t that cool!

For your child to get access to his or her class subjects, one is required to pay a subscription fee of Ksh 349 for 100 days (1 term). Remember, you need internet to stream the videos online. There is a one-day free trial session for all new clients.

For schools and institutions, the SomaSmart app has different packages depending on the number of pupils/students to be enrolled on the site. Contact SomaSmart team at info@somasmart for the latest packages on school offers.

SomaSmart digital learning platform is no doubt a great tool for enhancing education in Kenya. As a parent, you must be wondering why you should register to this platform while there are textbooks which are readily available to your kids and are even free of charge. Well, with my interaction with the learning platform, I discovered that it’s a very beneficial tool to pupils and students.  It not only allows them to get access to learning material at the click of a button but also finds a fun and interactive way to learn content. The platform is also adaptive to the needs of students and teachers as it allows teachers to create personalized content on the platform. This allows teachers to re-emphasize on topics they have already taught in class.

You can get access to the digital learning platform here. You can also send questions to the creators of the platform through their social media page-they always respond.

Thinking Digital Learning for your child. Think SomaSmart



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