Review: KCB Lions’ Den Season 4 Episode 10.

On this episode of KCB Lions Den, two entrepreneurs managed to secure investments worth KES 4 million. The entrepreneurs on this episode were; Boxleo Courier services, Odd cracker, Safi organics and Miran baby shop. This episode saw the Lions invest in an unconventional business that had shown great potential for making money.  

The first to enter the den was David, the co-founder of Boxleo Courier services. Boxleo Courier services are a full-service logistics provider. They offer both last and first-mile delivery services alongside order fulfillment services.  They were in the den seeking an investment worth KES 6.28 million in exchange FOR a 32.5% equity stake. David believed that his courier services company brings something different to the table. According to the entrepreneur, there isn’t another platform that provides an order fulfillment center where they store, pick, pack and ship customer orders. Unfortunately, the Lions didn’t find the business exciting and didn’t understand the reason the company needed to store the merchandise. So, David walked out of the KCB Lions Den without any investment.

Samuel Majani was the next entrepreneur in the den with his company Odd cracker. The very vibrant entrepreneur believed that his company would help the betting community in Kenya to make wiser betting decisions. His Odd cracker platform presents a list of all betting sites available and lets the user decide on the best site to place a bet on. His site lists the highest and lowest odds of each match and also provides match statistics. He came into the den seeking an investment worth KES 2 million in exchange for a 33% equity stake. 3 of the Lions backed out of the deal on the grounds of morality and fortunately for him, Olive and Mulei made him a deal of KES 2 million for 40% equity stake.

Having good and affordable fertilizers is the foundation of creating great agri-economies. This next entrepreneur in the den was Sam the founder of Safi organics. Safi organics provides clean organic fertilizers that are made affordable to farmers. According to statistics, there are over 3 million farmers paying USD 76million for ineffective fertilizers. Safi organics wants to revolutionize this through the use of technology to manufacture fertilizers. They have proved their fertilizers can increase yields by up to 30%. They were seeking KES 5 million in exchange for a 15% equity stake. Unfortunately, he walked out of the den without a deal as Lions didn’t get to understand the business model fully.

First-time parents always find it nerve-wracking to find the perfect items to welcome their baby into the world. But this entrepreneur has made it easier for expectant mothers to find everything under one roof. Miran baby shop sells new born clothing and accessories for the age of 0-12 months. They are available both offline and online through their website and Facebook. They came into the den seeking an investment worth KES 2 million in exchange for a 20% equity stake. He managed to secure a deal with Joane mwangi for KES 2 millionin exchange for a 30% equity stake.

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