4 Tips For Boosting Your Ecommerce Sales In Kenya

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Since the advent of the Internet, almost all trading activities have an aspect of the online space incorporated in them. This has led to the rise of ecommerce sites especially here in Kenya where a majority of the population has access to smartphones and internet coverage. So with this change gradually sweeping through, how do you take advantage of this and boost your sales on ecommerce sites such as Jumia, Jiji, Skygarden and Kilimall? Read on for some valuable tips.

1.    Write Catchy Product Descriptions

Ecommerce platforms such as Jumia and Kilimall will allow you to sell your products on their platform. However, these platforms leave the legwork for you. Many traders miss the chance to convert more simply because their products do not have any descriptions on them. A description on any product you are selling online helps a potential buyer decide whether to buy.

To write the best product descriptions, focus first on being brief. A product description should be an overview of what the product is about and its most outstanding features. In the description also, include information such as the warranty and time it will take to deliver the product once you process an order.

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2.    Use High Quality photos

Nothing is more annoying than a product with a photo downloaded online. Many of such photos will be of low quality and for the witty buyer; you will appear like a fraud. When thinking of posting your products for sell on either your own ecommerce site or other third parties, ensure the quality of the photos is the best.

Setting aside a small budget to cater for product photography will work well for your business. In instances where you are trying to bootstrap your business, a mobile phone camera will do just fine. Ensure that the backdrop of the product does not tamper with the product and if possible, white in colour or set out in the open. Hold the camera firm and take several photos then pick the best ones to post. Make sure to capture several angles of the product in question.

3.    Curate An SEO Strategy

Yes, SEO applies for ecommerce as well. Your customers are typing their search queries into Google before they land on your products. It is therefore important to have an SEO strategy in place to help you stand out above all other traders dealing in the same product as you are.

For ecommerce sites, the keyword strategy that you employ needs to be extensive. You will need to pick out the most searched terms and incorporate this into your product descriptions to increase the chances of your products being found online when people search for these keywords. At Kendesk, we offer SEO services that help position you favourably online and increase your conversions.

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4.    Leverage the power of social media

For a majority of Kenyans that access the internet on a daily basis, the number one stop for them is one of the social media sites. Facebook is the most visited; however, your market research may reveal that other platforms feature more of your potential customers than others do.

Once you have identified on which platform your customers are on, run paid ads or even regular promotions to drive more people to your product page. It also helps to have giveaways on these social media platforms to help get people interested in the product you are selling.

Final Thoughts

With ecommerce slowly becoming the new frontier in trade, it is important to position yourself as a go-to trader in your niche. Take advantage of selling online by following the above-suggested tips to help you drive more conversions. Reach out to us at Kendesk for help in creating online campaigns aimed at boosting your brand awareness to help increase your sales.



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