How A Ksh5 Investment Was Made On the Season Finale of KCB Lions’ Den.

We are on to the season finale of KCB Lions’ Den. And with over 52 entrepreneurs having graced the den it’s been one heck of a season. All the entrepreneurs in season 4 have had to bring their A game into the den and convince the lions to make investments. And on the final week only 4 entrepreneurs got an opportunity to present their businesses to the lions. The entrepreneurs on episode 13 of KCB lions’ dens were; Sukwa Saddle Blankets, Dickson Sushi, Mobile metrics and Ghetto championships.

The first entrepreneur to enter the den was Jamey the founder of Sukwa Saddle Blankets. This ambitious and vibrant entrepreneur has taken a local product and has transformed it into a high end product that can be globally exported. The high end saddle blankets are locally made in Kenya’s coastal region and are exported to the European market and some are sold locally. Jamey was seeking a Ksh2.5 million investment in exchange for a 20% equity stake. The lions Joanne and Kris Senanu managed to see the great potential in the business, even though it’s only been in operation for a few months. And the two teamed up to make an investment worth Ksh2.5 million in exchange of 30% equity stake.

The next entrepreneur in the den was Dickson. Dickson is a chef who has curved the niche as the go to person in the fine, delicate, delicious art of Japanese cuisine. Dickson who has named his company Dickson Sushi was seeking an investment worth Ksh850,000 for 30% equity stake. He managed to secure a deal worth Ksh850,000 in exchange for 40% equity stake from the very vibrant Olive Gachara.

The next entrepreneurs to enter the den were two young cubs seeking a grant worth Ksh3 million. The young Hip-Hop artists are in the businesses of impacting the lives of young people through music and football. And were seeking Ksh3 million to host an under 11 football tournaments and music search tours. The football tournament dubbed Ghetto championships brings together 32 slum football teams to compete against each other for a chance to be named the Ghetto Championships. The young cubs managed to convince the lions to give them a grant worth KSH 1 million plus support.

The last ones to enter the den are three self-proclaimed creatives, tech and business gurus who have dubbed themselves the three musketeers. The three musketeers came into the den with a company named Mobile metrics limited which was formed in 2014 but was incorporated as a business in 2018. The company provides mobile solution services and consultancy. Mobile Metrics Limited came up with an application called the tax payr app. The App is set up to help individuals having problems understanding their taxes. They are providing a solution by simplifying the whole process and giving users all information needed on tax issues. Shockingly they were seeking a Ksh5 investment in exchange for 5 % equity stake, but there was a catch to it. If the lions choose to invest they would have to ensure the three vibrant entrepreneurs gain access to their markets, and not just by providing networks. The lions will have to provide direct customers and the three musketeers will provide the technology. They will then split the revenue 53% to 47%.  All the lions jumped into the juicy deal after asking questions and understanding the business fully. A Ksh5 investment was made in exchange for a 5% equity stake and revenue share.

Here are the lessons learnt on episode 13 of KCB Lions’ Den Season 4;

  • Whether a business has been in operation for a year or 2 months it can still gain an investment. The entrepreneur just needs to show great dedication and determination to the business. Profit maximization must also be highlighted.
  • Most investors invest in people not businesses. A great businesses headed by a wrong person will fail unlike an okay businesses headed by a visionary entrepreneur.   
  • Every entrepreneur needs to find their own niche and maximize on it.
  • For a business to succeed you need to bring people along with you.



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