Is Zuku Wi-Fi the Most Unreliable Internet Service Provider In Kenya?

Zuku Wi-Fi is the godfather of wireless internet connection in Kenya. It was launched into the Kenyan market in 2008 under Wananchi group, who offer an array of services in television and internet. Over the years Zuku has managed to be the most popular internet service provider in Kenya and have speeds of up to 250 Mbps. Zuku offers their customers customized internet packages, suited to meet the needs of each target group. They have their lowest package at 5mbps for KES 2,499 while their highest package is 250mbps at KES 22,499.

In the last couple of months, Zuku Wi-Fi has had a hard time in keeping their customers happy and is even struggling to acquire new customers. According to a report released by Communications Authority of Kenya showing their latest Sector Statistics for the period between April and June, Wananchi Group had gained 2,392 new subscribers while Safaricom had 137,824 new subscribers. This means Safaricom added 4 times as much subscribers as Zuku in the same period. The same report also showed the firm dropped in market share from 34.4% to 30%.

Zuku is slowly losing their grip in the Kenyan market. And question is, why? Zuku unfortunately is doing the most in making sure their customers are unhappy with the services they provide. When you scroll through their tweet and replies’ section (@Zuku_WeCare) ,you will meet numerous complaints from their customers…And they are often seen on trending topics on twitter but for all the wrong reasons.  Their customers are ever complaining of slow internet connection, unsteady internet connectivity, unresponsive customer care agents, being charged to talk to customer care agents and slow response to queries. Here are some of the comments from agitated customers.

These are just some of the comments on their twitter handle

But for how long will this go on? Kenyans can’t keep complaining on the same issues every now and then. Zuku is continually proving its unreliability every now and then with their numerous internet outages and unresponsive customer care agents. If Zuku Wi-Fi doesn’t work on increasing their reliability as a brand they will surely continue losing their market share.

With the comments above, its evident Zuku is losing and will continue losing their customers to other internet service providers in Kenya. Most of their customers are unhappy and it’s no secret. With such bad publicity, they need to work on improving their customer service experience.

The only way Zuku can recover from bad publicity is by regaining their customers trust through offering great internet services. Bad publicity destroys brands and Zuku Wi-Fi should know better.      



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  1. Zuku is the worst wifi network in the world i pay 10k for 40mbps and i get 2mbps??! Am so freaking pissed

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