Review: KCB Lions’ Den Season 4 Episode 5

From the last three episodes of Season 4 of KCB Lions’ den, we have come to realize that entrepreneurs who have had a chance to secure an investment of their lifetime, have had to tick these boxes;

  • Know their business inside, out.
  • Be passionate and aggressive.
  • The business has to show great growth potential
  • Understand their business valuation

And on this episode of KCB Lions’ Den, 5 entrepreneurs came into the den for a chance to secure an investment and only one venture didn’t secure an investment.

The first to get an investment was Kamau, CEO of Yen Africa. Yen Africa is a company geared to connecting young entrepreneurs to knowledge, resources, networks and social capital needed to succeed in business. He was looking for an investment worth KES 2 million for one of the programs that is run by Yen Africa; Yen golf. Yen golf is a program that caters to young entrepreneurs and professionals.  They teach them how to play golf and as they learn they network and have fun. At first, all the lions backed out of investing in the business. But once Olive suggested investing in Yen Africa as a whole and the entrepreneur accepted, Kris and Joanne were quick to jump back in for the hunt. Kris and Joanne formed an alliance and they battled it out against olive. After some negotiations the entrepreneur accepted Kris and Joanne’s offer of KES 2 million for 35% equity stake.

Most people love art but artists find it hard to make money from their art pieces. Polka dot Kenya provides a platform for artists in East Africa to showcase their work and connect them to the market. They were looking for an investment worth KES 4 million for 25% equity stake. They were proposing to start a mobile art gallery, which will get them directly in front of their target market and audience. They were unfortunately unable to secure an investment from the lions simply because; they didn’t have a full understanding of the business. But they managed to sell Kevin a piece of art worth KES40, 000.  

The next in the den was a very ambitious and bubbly young cub by the name Tatiana Kiki. Kiki is a creative manager and editor in chief of All Things Kiki online magazine. The platform contains content about fashion, travel and lifestyle. Kiki was asking for a grant worth KES 80,000 and support. Due to her great personality and charisma she managed to walk out with the grant, a fully sponsored birthday party and an interview on Energy radio. All these were taken up by Kevin Mulei.

The next to enter the den were two entrepreneurs who had realized, trust is a rare commodity in the online shopping space. Their company Escrow Kenya is acting as a neutral party in the e-commerce space by ensuring all sales through them are successful. Even though the company wasn’t giving out a new concept but they managed to convince the lions to invest KES 2 million for a 35% equity stake.

The last to enter the KCB Lions’ den were two determined entrepreneurs who are turning waste into energy. Suso innovations East Africa is a company committed to advancing science and innovation to the world’s most pressing challenges, in enhancing the quality of life for current and future generations. They came in with a power Jiko, a flexible bio septic, a flexible fire tank and suso power bank. The power jiko is installed with a thermo electric generator that generates a usable electric current that has 240 voltages which can light up to 60 bulbs.   The Flexible bio septic uses occurring bacteria to digests human waste and purify it to water and gas. The water can then be used domestically. The duo was requesting for KES 5million for 30% equity stake. They managed to get an investment worth KES 5 million for 40% equity stake. This was the highest investment made in this episode of KCB Lions’ Den.

One take away from this episode of KCB Lions’ Den is that entrepreneurs should learn how to spot opportunities and seize them. As a wise man once said, opportunity knocks once at a man’s door.



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