5 Sure Tips To Make Boosted Posts on Facebook Work For Your Business

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With so many businesses in Kenya choosing to take advantage of the power of digital marketing, it is important to learn how to do it right. Top among the platforms that businesses advertise on and which has the largest audience is Facebook.

What Are Boosted Posts?

On Facebook, you have the option of using generic (unpaid) or boosted (paid) posts. Each one of these will yield different results. Generic Posts will get fewer reactions, and the likelihood of reaching new prospects is limited. With boosted posts, however, Facebook will broadcast the post to a wider audience, and the likelihood of reaching new prospects is significantly increased.

Increased competition is forcing many businesses to use the latter option to gain an edge over other businesses. Nevertheless, even with this, the said businesses still fail to stand out because of the approach they take. So how do you get to leverage the power of boosted posts on Facebook? Read on.

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1.    Know your target audience

Your target audience on Facebook is as a compass is to a sailor. The target audience is the whole essence of you trying to boost posts. It is, therefore important to target this audience correctly.

You first need to identify who your customer is. Create a persona that will represent a typical customer. Attempt to give the persona some qualities that make him or her appear as a real person. For example, if you are selling vlogging equipment online, we can have Sheila as a typical persona.

Sheila is a 23-year-old college graduate who works as an intern at a Firm A in Nairobi. Aside from gaining experience to help build up her CV as an engineer, she is engaged in other causes as well. Sheila is passionate about the girl child and therefore runs a social awareness blog where she addresses these issues. She looks forward to setting up a vlog someday to supplement the written content she has been sharing.

With Sheila’s persona in mind, you can now target a specific audience. This way, your posts gets reactions from people that are particularly interested in what you are selling. You are more likely to get messages or phone calls from people enquiring about the items you are selling.

2.    Improve your response rate

It is one thing to get people to react on your posts and follow your page. Getting them to enquire about what you are selling is something else. Many people will look at the response rate displayed on your page before messaging your business. The time you take to respond to messages from your customers and followers affects this response badge.

To leverage the power of boosted posts on Facebook, improve your response rate badge. This is possible by responding to queries instantly and by setting up chatbots to help you respond to common queries. Setting up quick responses also proves to be beneficial in this. Excellent customer service will always set your business apart.

3.    Display details on your page

Once someone has viewed a post that you boosted, this person might want to visit your page and make an enquiry. Facebook pages that do not post their details seem like a scam to many people. It is, therefore, necessary that you edit your page and avail the details that the client might need to prove this is a legit page.

Ensure that your telephone number is on the page. Alongside this, a link to your homepage if you have a website. Additionally, you can offer directions on a pinned map that Facebook enables. Although e-commerce is gaining a good reputation in Kenya, businesses with physical addresses seem more legit. Having this pinned map in place also helps the customer make any necessary pick up arrangements if it is in a convenient place. Lastly, it is important to include the business hours. This will help the customer know when it is right to contact your business and avoid frustrations if the call is not picked or message replied.

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4.    Ensure your post adheres to Facebook’s regulations

Facebook may fail to approve a post when you opt to boost it. This happens if the post does not adhere to the regulations that Facebook has put in place. Most critical among these is the text rule. The text rule by Facebook requires that the text content on your Facebook post not exceed 20%. Posts that register text content above this threshold experience series of frustrations trying to get the post approved.

This means that for Facebook page posts, it is important to use images that communicate the message without using a lot of text. Another issue that arises with using images is copyright issues. This can land your business in deep trouble. It is always advisable to use images from platforms that have minimum copyright issues or choose to buy the images or take them yourself.

5.    Hire a Social Media Manager

A social media manager handles all the social media management and digital marketing aspects for you. This allows you time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as growing the inventory. You can choose to hire a social media manager permanently or outsource one.

At KenDesk, we offer your business social media management services that position your business as a trusted brand. You can count on our extensive knowledge of digital marketing and social media management to help drive more conversions and improve the ROI on your social media marketing. Call us today on +254790505298 to request a quote.



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