Review: KCB Lions’ Den Season 4 Episode 1 and 2

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KCB Lions’ Den is back again on our screens for another riveting season. We are on to season 4 and the show keeps getting better with every new season. This season started off on a good note with the lions investing over Ksh15.7 million in the first two episodes. This is an increase of Ksh1.7 million from season’s 3 first two episodes. This shows the lions came hungry and ready to invest in the next big thing in Kenya and beyond. On this season, the lions that made a return are: Chris Senanu, Olive Gachara, Darshan Chandaria and Joanne Mwangi. Kevin Mulei made his first debut in the den making him the newest lion in town.

Brave and ambitious entrepreneurs from all over Kenya have come to the den with the hope of securing a deal that will make their dreams come true. This season’s entrepreneurs have brought a fresh and vibrant feel into the den with business ideas ranging from Virtual Reality, farming, opening a cloth line, marketing, and tech to riding a bike on water.

The first pitch to get an investment from the lions on season 4 was a cloth line business by the name “Nursing Mama”. It’s the first ever clothing line business in Kenya to offer nursing and pregnant mothers comfortable clothes that meet their day to day needs. Nursing Mama got an investment worth 2.4 million with a 20% equity stake from the lions Joanne and Olive.

The cubs were not left behind on this season as two young entrepreneurs from Safaricom Academy came to pitch their business idea to the lions. The two young cubs entered the den with an invention set to make tea break less time consuming for schools all over Kenya. The invention goes by the name “Vinywaji chapchap” . The invention comes in 3 categories. The mini machine that fills 70 cups in one minute, the midi machine that fills 144 cups in a minute and the maxi machine that fills 300 cups in a minute. They came to the den requesting for Ksh140, 000 and mentorship. Darshan Chandaria Jumped in for the hunt and they got a deal.

For the first time in the KCB Lions’ den we saw an inventive duo of grand-dad and grandson by the name Daniel Baraza and Thallus Lebanon an aeronautical engineer and inventor. The company goes by the name “NINON”. Thallus is one brilliant mind with over 43 years’ experience in engineering. The two are in a bid to revolutionize maritime affairs worldwide with an invention that allows people to ride bikes on water. Yes!!! This engineer can make people cycle on water. This invention earned him a statesmanship from the president. The duo were requesting for Ksh20 million with 20% equity. Unfortunately all the lions bowed out of the deal and they walked out empty handed. Thallus left the lions with a few words to ponder on. He went on and said, “You know a bee? We go on stealing honey from it but it never gets tired. Why, because it’s the only creature in the whole world that has been given the formula of honey. Human beings go into the laboratory searching for the formula but have never gotten that formula. This thing has actually taken a long time, am doing something nice for this country but you are not seeing. Thank you.”

One of the highlights of the two episodes was one entrepreneur by the name Jama. This entrepreneur was funny, enthusiastic and he knew exactly what he wanted. He came in to the den with a business pitch by the name “Carmel milk”. The businesses basically entailed the processing and selling of Camel milk. He was asking for 7.5 million with a 15% equity stake. After a long negotiation with the lions, he finally made a deal with Darshan Chandaria for Ksh7.5 million for 23% equity stake.

This season of KCB Lions’ Den is set to put a spotlight on business plans that are fresh,new and exciting. More episodes are to be aired in the coming weeks every Tuesday at 8:00 pm on KTN Home.

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