Indaba’s Thought-Provoking 1-Week Conference At The Kenyatta University

In the clearly evident and ever-growing technological awareness and interest in the country, 2019 has seen a wild burst of tech events and hackathons throughout the capital. From the January 24th Blockchain for Wastewater Management Hackathon (which also happened to be a World Bank Group collaborative project) that assembled a prolific range of programmers and tech experts in a bid to develop blockchain algorithms to facilitate wastewater recycling to the February 22nd ​#Hackmybible​ hackathon which brought techies together to come up with ideas of innovating new apps for interacting with the bible, hackathon events have came in many different and interesting formats.

In the same spirit, this month pays homage to yet another fecund Hackathon. ​Teens in AI​ in partnership with ​Black in AI​ and ​Deep Learning Indaba​ is in the process of holding the first-ever Teens in AI Hackathon in Africa. The Teens in Al initiative was launched in May 2018 at the AI in Good Global Summit which was held at the United Nations and it has its headquarters in Soho, London. The initiative was started to inspire, empower and motivate the future generation of Artificial Intelligence experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industrial heads/leaders by exposing the young able minds (from the ages of 12-18) to AI that is deployed and developed to facilitate social good.

The event which will take place alongside deep learning Indaba runs from the 28th to the 30th of August from 10 am to 5 pm. Kenyatta University is the arranged upon venue for the event. This is an excellent opportunity for the initiative to promote diversity and inclusivity across the AI and machine learning space. Students and mentors who wish to participate in the event are encouraged to complete an expression of interest from the Teens in AI website. See you there.



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