Ambitious,Unusual and Exciting Future Tech to Expect in the Near Future

Future Tech

Mankind is a creature of progression. Over the years, researchers, scientists and designers from around the world have been coming out with new innovations in a bid to simplify our lives and make it more interesting. Now, innovators are utilizing new tech advancements to come up with future tech innovations that promise to redefine life as we know it.

Many inventions are usually born in the lab but unfortunately never make it to the consumer markets. Issues like regulations on the technology use, as well as insufficient capital to make the future tech ideas a reality are the main problems that kill off new technological Innovations.

However in this age of social media, various startups and multinational companies have found a work around on the insufficient capital issues by harnessing the power of the internet through different crowd funding campaigns on the web, to raise capital to make their future tech innovations a reality. Now more than ever, the future tech space has never seemed so sanguine.

These future tech innovations range from the useless, weird, downright stupid and inapplicable ideologies to some really efficient and ground breaking ideas. Here are three of some of the most ambitious, exciting and unusual future tech innovations which according to tech experts  are bound to elevate our lives into an entirely new   level.

                                                        Ekster 3.0 — the smart wallet

With the Ekster 3.0 — the smart wallet, your cash cannot be more secure

This smart wallet is a product of the brand Ekster. It is a very slim pocket-sized money carrier that is security conscious and features, RFID blocking technology and card dispensing mechanisms. This smart wallet also aims to solve the problem of a misplaced or stolen wallet. Now that’s a really useful future tech application.

Its tracking technology can allow the owner to ring the wallet from a smartphone or vice versa when lost. You can locate the wallet on a map and even supports Alexa and Google Assistant. Now that’s a major Ln for pickpockets. The voice controlled wallet is also the first ever solar powered smart wallet with the ability to maintain charge for two months after just 3 hours charging.

                                                              Felik — the A.I. cat toy

Felik — the A.I. cat toy makes a great companion for your cat when you are away

This future tech innovation was created to help pet owners keep their pets such as cats and dogs entertained while they leave them alone at home. The Felik innovators developed a smart device they describe as being a bit like a ‘Kinect for pets.’ It combines a camera, computer vision algorithms, motion tracking, and artificial intelligence to keep a cat or dog entertained (and therefore mentally active) with a laser pointer in the owners  absence.

Other similar innovations like the Petcube require real-time human interaction which creates a lag between using the app and seeing the laser move. Felik doesn’t require any human interaction and produces laser movements that are almost identical to a human moving a laser by hand. It is designed to mimic natural prey like a bug or a mouse.

                                                              Silo — A.I. vacuum sealer

The Silo A.I Vacuum Sealer keeps food fresh and fit for consuption

Vacuum storage contraptions are a great way to keep your perishable foodstuffs from going bad before you can eat them. Unfortunately normal vacuum sealers rely on single use-then dump bags which can be a costly way of preserving leftover food.

Silo is an AI vacuum food storage system that provides a more practical alternative of food preservation. It replaces the bags with container-based storage one which allows you to stack and reuse containers as well as provide additional space to incorporate future tech innovations. Silo’s vacuum boxes are equipped with an AI chip, designed to work with Amazon’s Alexa platform, meaning you can tell your digital assistant what’s inside, and it’ll keep track of it for you.



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