Social Media Customer Support : A Case Of Kenyan Banks

social media customer service

Social media is playing a major role in enhancing customer service experience for banking and non-banking institutions. Social media is no longer a digital channel for just “socializing” but it’s one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for products and brands.

Banks in Kenya have realized the importance of having an online presence. And almost all banks in Kenya have a functional social media account.

We take a look at three banks in Kenya in relation to the type of  customer service experience they provide through their social media platforms. Most of the Kenyan banks are in the business of ensuring their customers see their brand as a personality they can rely on.

We first take a look at KCB bank of Kenya. KCB bank is doing a great job in ensuring its presence is being felt online. The bank has been able to acquire 322200 followers on twitter  and 26ooo followers on Instagram.

With this huge following comes great responsibility. And KCB bank has stepped up to the occasion by ensuring their customers are always updated and engaged with numerous posts. In fact you can’t miss to come across a post on KCB bank be it on twitter or Instagram. With there very active presence online, KCB Group was named last years winner for “Best Use of Social Media by a Financial Institution in Africa” during the Social Media Africa Awards in Lagos Nigeria.

Although KCB bank is doing the most in ensuring their presence is being felt online, their  customer service is on the decline. A lot of their customers on twitter are complaining about their poor response rate and their banking services.With the advent of social media, a lot of customers prefer to send out a tweet or a DM(Direct Message) and for it to be treated with agency. The unfortunate part is that KCB bank has not ensured their customers get the fastest response to their queries.

Cooperative bank is doing the most in ensuring their customers have the best customer service experience through their online platforms. Cooperative bank has a twitter following of 313300 and 27200 followers on Instagram and growing. Cooperative bank always ensure their customers queries are answered promptly. You cannot miss to find a complain or two,which is quite normal but cooperative bank has tried to ensure they give their customers a credible and efficient customer service experience.The bank also ensures they keep their customers entertained with numerous engaging posts.

Standard chartered is one bank in Kenya whose online presence is hugely felt. Be it on Instagram, Facebook or twitter you cannot miss to find a post on standard chartered bank. Standard chartered  has a twitter following of 40700. Although Standard chartered  doesn’t have a huge following on its social media platforms, they still manage to get their customers to have the best experience when it comes to online engagements and quick response to queries. When going through their timeline, finding a complaint about their services  is as rare as a blue rose. Last year Standard chartered bank was ranked 1st in client and digital experience on the Kenyan Bankers Association customer survey. Let’s hope they will be able to bag it in this year’s customer survey.

In the past banks had to spend so much money so as to be able to find out what customers really want. But now with the advent of social media, it has been made easier to find out customer’s needs. This has helped banking institutions and customers to have a great working relationship. Nowadays having a great customer service experience ensures you have great customer retention and you can easily gain more customers. All banks in Kenya should ensure their customer service experience is the best whether online or offline.



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