Personal Safety Apps Every Kenyan Urbanite Should Have

In today’s day and age, many urban dwellers are forced to endure many dangerous situations as they go about their daily routines. At a time when the country is experiencing harsh economic times there has been an influx in crime rates. Personal safety is becoming a genuine concern among many urban dwellers.

Nairobi County is one of the most affected towns in Kenya. You could simply be walking to or from work, jogging, going to the shop only to end up in potentially life threatening situations. In such scenarios knowing the safest route to take or having the ability to quickly contact for help could mean the difference between life and death. Fortunately, the proliferation of the internet and internet powered devices has made it possible for Kenyan developers to come up with personal safety apps and tools to enhance personal safety.

The meticulously designed safety apps use GPS, SMS, video, alerts, and alarms among other features to keep users vigilant and safe.  These personal safety apps can provide piece of mind, immediate communication and access to help in an emergency. They are also the best way of minimizing your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime.

To utilize the features of safety apps, you first have to download the app and install it on your phone. You also have to keep the internet connection active for it to work. However, if you believe you are in real emergency your first action should be to contact local authorities or emergency services for assistance. Apps are never 100% reliable and could never compare to professional responders.

Here are 3 Kenyan based personal safety Apps specifically designed to help Kenyans avoid dangerous situations and seek assistance in case of an emergency.

                                                                               NCRC app

The Kenyan National Crime Research Center (NCRC) launched the NCRC app early in 2017 in a bid reduce unreported crime. The free crime monitoring app collects, collates reports and uses data gathered to make communities feel safer.  The app gives users the opportunity to report crime incidences with the additional option of uploading photographs, PDF and audio files related to the crime they are reporting.

Usalama App  

Usalama app is a personal safety platform that connects its users to emergency service providers in a quick and efficient manner by utilizing real-time user data and an integrated web-based portal. The app uses GPS technology to capture a user’s exact location and sends the information to three pre-selected users in case of an emergency. The personal safety app also features Walk with Me, allowing different users to keep in touch over a 200- meter radius and News alert features for sharing and receiving criminal activity and crime news.

                                                                              My safetipin

Although originally from India, this personal safety app was introduced in Kenya in 2016 with women safety in mind. The app helps women ascertain the safety of a specific location, depending on the safety score recorded in that area. Safetipin usually runs in the background checking the safety of everywhere you go. It then sends an alert prompting you to invite friends or family members to track your movements for security reasons



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