Shopping At Kilimall Is Now A Plague To Be Avoided

Kilimall is one of the most popular online store in Kenya and East Africa. The online shopping mall was established in 2014. And since then they have been carring out online transactions through out the African continent. Kilimall have been able to provide a wide range of products such as mobile phones,clothing,office appliances,home appliances,baby products,hair care and beauty products,books and all types of electronic gadgets.

If you have shopped through the Kilimall online store in the last couple of months you are well aware, there is trouble in paradise. Their customer complaints are on the rise. One look at their official twitter handle (tweets and replies) you will be shocked on how bad the situation is on the ground.

The complaints on the Kilimall online shopping experience range from products not being delivered in the prescribed 3-5 days, poor quality products, poor customer care and customers receiving what they didn’t order.

On average, a Kilimall order should take 3-5 days to be received by a customer. But this is not the case. Customers are complaining that the products are taking too long to be delivered. For instance a customer on twitter claims that he placed an order on July 7th and as per July 30th the order had not yet been received. He is not the only one complaining as there other customers who are claiming that there last order took up to 30 days for it to be received.

Another major problem facing Kilimall online shopping experience is that goods are not being delivered. This has caused a major outburst from their customers. A lot of Kilimall customers are now claiming for refunds. The sad and unfortunate part is that most customers rarely get a feedback from them and are advised to keeping on waiting for the goods to be delivered.


Kilimall is also facing a problem of having nonfunctional pick-up locations. A customer on twitter wrote that he has been going to the said pick up location for five days. The shop that was marked as a pick up location has been closed since the parcel was delivered. He has visited the said shop at least three times a day but to no avail.

Kilimall riders are also making customers frustrated due to there tendencies of not picking calls and going “mteja”. This behavior is exhibited by most of the Kilimall riders leaving customers frustrated and unable to know when they will be able to receive their orders.

Kilimall is also said to be dispatching low quality products to their customers. Several customers have put out complains about their low quality products and how unsatisfied they are. A customer on twitter put out a tweet showing a kettle that had just been received. And  the electric kettle had a broken handle. Another Kilimall customer put out a complaint about a phone that he had bought through the platform and had suddenly died after 3 months of use. Most of the complaints are majorly on electronic products that are either faulty or just suddenly stop working on their own.

Looks like what you order vs what you receive are two totally different things. Customers are complaining that what you see on the Kilimall website or app is not what gets delivered to you. For instance, a customer ordered for a tongue ring but instead they delivered a belly ring.


The Kilimall customer service is something else that is totally unacceptable. How can a fully online shopping platform miss to have a call center or phone number where customers can call in and get their queries answered? Kilimall as per now can only be reached through their social media platforms and through their live chat on their Kilimall app. You would expect they will do their best to ensure customers issues and queries are sorted out promptly. But the truth of the matter is that they either take too long to reply or don’t reply at all.

The customer complaints speak volume at the bad state of affairs at the Kilimall online shopping experience. It’s high time that the government put in measures to regulate the online shopping space and protect the ever growing e-commerce space in Kenya.

E-commerce is the future, and local online stores need to keep in mind that bad customer reviews and online complaints will in the long run affect them drastically if they don’t adhere to the aspects of quality, convenience and transparency.



6 Comments on "Shopping At Kilimall Is Now A Plague To Be Avoided"

  1. Indeed Kilimall is awful! I ordered and paid for a phone case on 29th Jan 2020. It was, as usual to take 3- 5 days. Suddenly it was showing to be delivered between mid to end of Feb 2020. Today it is showing to be delivered between 14th and 24th March. At this rate, I’m not sure it will ever reach me. Thank God I tested with something “smaller and more affordable”

  2. This is like a day robbery, can’t the government intervene? I had ordered two insta showers order no 3160774242192001on 6th June one was delivered and I have been following with them for almost 20 days no one is responding.

    • Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Customers who’ve had a problem with them should definitely report them. That is the only way authorities can get involved.

  3. I ordered airpods and they delivered me a non stick pan. I sent it back and two weeks later still no response

  4. I ordered a TV on 8/12/21 order number 4378986537601801
    Since then it’s on transit. Please refund me my money my kids are suffering because of kilimall. Make a refund I purchase it from elsewhere.

  5. I had placed 2 orders, they arrived on 1st September, when I went to pick my parcels, they were signed. Now I wonder,who took them. Never to shop there again.

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