Digital Wellness enabled on your Nokia Smartphone

The full range of Nokia Smartphones come with Digital wellness feature of Android 9 Pie enabling you to get insight on the Apps you spend most time on and how to limit screen time

Wellness is the state of being in good health and this can be achieved if actively pursued. We are faced with the option daily to make the right choices towards physical and mental health, enabling us to live a fulfilling life.

Digital wellness is the relationship one has with the online world and how this affects our physical and mental wellbeing. We are on multiple devices daily where we are accessing a range of key services online and information that was previously thought impossible.

The mobile phone is the first device most of us wake up to look at, to gain information on the various factors that affect us like the weather, top news, the traffic and other information that is relevant to us at the time we wake up. What many people do not know is that the same device can help us towards making positive choices towards Digital Wellness.

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, a Finnish start-up carrying forward the Nokia brand of legacy of quality and trust has confirmed that the full range of Nokia smartphones in Kenya are on Android 9 Pie and this comes with the Digital Wellbeing feature. To open it, you open your phone’s settings page, scroll down and activate it.

Once you activate it shows you a dashboard that shows you a circular chart of all the apps you have used each day. Taping on it will take you into a list of apps ranking them by screen time, you can also tap on an individual app you see the breakdown of time spent by hour.

This App on all Nokia smartphones will enable you to limit the time you can spend in an app, set a timer and keep track on how much time you are spending on the range on apps on your phone throughout the day.  The wind down is particularly interesting as it combines the existing do not disturb feature when placing face down to also the setting of the phone going grey once you set it later in the evening.

The world today is busy and we will keep getting more information that is set to take up our attention thus key to get into any application that will lead you to good physical and mental health. You can get the Digital wellbeing app on the value flagship phone Nokia 8.1 and also on all other Nokia mid-range smart phones that are not on the Android Go edition.



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