How to Stand Out and Grab Attention with Your Facebook Images

Facebook is unquestionably the most popular social media platform in Kenya. As such, many of us have at one time or another embarked on a quest to find ways to create catchy and engaging Facebook posts. A quest to gain the online community’s admiration is a noble one, by today’s standards at least. With so much competition for attention in the feeds, you need to ensure that you are well versed with tactics to make your presence stand out, and grab attention with Facebook Images.

One practical way to do this is by adhering to the latest image guidelines and requirements. By using the right size in your Facebook images, you will not only make your posts and profiles look more professional, but it could also be the difference between getting a response, or your target audience scrolling on by.

Learning the social media rules of engagement and keeping up with them as they change overtime is crucial to keeping your social media profile hip and attractive. So, today we share some of the Facebook images cheat tips to make your presence stand out and grab attention on the platform.

The Profile Photo

The Facebook Profile Photo


Profile photos are a huge deal because they not only appear on your Facebook timeline, they also appear on each post you share, comment you leave, people’s timeline and search results. It is the most important visual representation of someone on Facebook .So, it’s without say that you have to edit it just right before uploading to ensure you are presenting the highest quality image on your profile picture. When posting a profile picture, you should ensure that the image is within the following parameters;

  • 170 × 170 pixels on Desktops
  • 128 ×128 pixels on Smartphones
  • 36 × 36 on most feature phones

The new updates on Facebook also allow one to add a video as a profile picture. If such an option tickles your fancy, the video posted should only be 7 seconds long.

The cover Photo

The Facebook cover Photo

To some people, the Facebook Cover photo is just a picture at the top of your page. To others, it’s a great brand awareness feature. Whichever the case, it can catapult your Facebook profile to new heights. When uploading a cover photo, the recommended parameters are;

  • 820 × 320 Pixels on Desktop
  • 640 × 360 on smartphones
  • Must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall on feature phones

Stories Images


Images for your Facebook Stories


Stories are a visual way to share content by adding filters and effects to Facebook images, photographs or videos. According to the top company executives at Facebook, stories represent the future of connection on the platform. Stories have over 150 million daily active users and the number seem to be growing as more people migrate from news feeds to Facebook stories. However you can only share your stories via the Facebook mobile app.  While uploading images to stories consider the following parameters;

  • The aspect ratio should be 9: 16 and 4:5 to 1:19:1
  • The maximum duration of the update should be trimmed to 15 seconds
  • The file size should not exceed 4GB
  • The maximum video width at 500 pixels
  • The supported video files are .mp4 and .mov

Facebook Images and videos for brand awareness

Facebook Videos for marketing and branding

The right visual branding can help your content stand out and be more appealing to your audiences. For those using Facebook business pages to grow their brand, ensure that images and videos uploaded are of an impeccable quality.

Images are an incredible way to display what your brand is about, and visually connect to your target audience. The recommended upload size for a branding image is 1200 × 628×. It should also have 504 PX maximum width, however the height can vary. When uploading, ensure that the file is less than 100kb to avoid compression issues.

Facebook Video marketing and branding is one of the most popular additions in the promotion toolbox today. Small businesses and medium- sized businesses share videos on a daily basis because research shows that shoppers who view videos are 1.81 × more likely to purchase than non- video viewers. While uploading, Facebook design experts recommend using the highest- resolution video available that meets file size and ratio limits.

The Video aspect ratio can range from 9:16 to 16:9, however for better visibility, consider using the 4:3 ratio with a minimum width off 600 pixels. Despite the fact that one can upload a video file size up to 4 GB, experts recommend a file 1.75GB max. For those who may want to utilize the Facebook Live feature, always switch to portrait mode for a better visual effect.

Now you’ve got the necessary tools to create engaging images for Facebook. You now know people value Facebook images with a well composed visual representation of oneself and how to build something beautiful to drive engagement on your feeds. Go right ahead and make a memorable post.



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