What you Need to Know About Television Online Sales

Television online sales

Television sets are some of the best gifts that anyone can receive. It is a great gift for all occasions from birthdays, to Christmas and gradations. But buying a Television set, for a spouse, a friend, relative or yourself can be quite intimidating. There are infinite models, brands and features to choose from that create some sort of choice paralysis for the buyers. The situation is worsened by the science-y phrases like ‘Dot color’, ‘Triluminous Display’ and Quantum’ common in television online sales that make it hard to know what specs to consider.

Jumia Kenya, One of the leading online shopping place in Kenya actually announced “Jumia TV Mania” on 20th May running to 2nd June of 2019. It is a shopping offer where they offer television online sales at discounted prices for as much as 70% off – Samsung 55” UHD ,smart 4K TV . The number of options available are very staggering to many Kenyans especially those that not well versed with the technical jargon o television sales.

One thing you have to know though is that, there is not necessarily one model of online Televisions that’s generally accepted to be the best but several brands stand out from the rest. Most experts agree that TCL, Samsung,,Sony,Vizio, and LG are currently the best televisions on the market today. You should also try to avoid shopping from brands that you have never heard of, unless you are really on a tight budget.

The Top-of –the- line brands aforementioned do television online sells without compromising on security and provide customer care services after purchasing incase of a problem. Luckily, we have sourced the myriad of television brands available online to help you figure out how to buy a Television online without losing your mind and regretting your purchase decision. Here are a few things to consider to avoid all the hassle.

Choose your preferred size

Many people are of the impression that a bigger the Television, the better, however this isn’t always the case. You first have to measure the size and the space the TV will occupy to know exactly know how much space you have to work with. You then have to find a Television set that can optimize the available space. TV experts recommend that an ideal TV should be at least 7.5 Times more than your viewing distance. This just means the distance between the screen and the viewing position while you watch.

Choose your budget

Online televisions prices can range from as cheap as KSH 5,000 to as expensive as KSH 200,000. The most expensive TVs in the market today are OLEDs which can be quite expensive. They are pricier than most because you have to pay for the highest-picture quality in the market. The other type of Televisions are usually LED products that are able to mimic OLED quality televisions at half the price. The QLEDs and SUHD Tvs both deliver good quality colors almost as good as the OLED counterparts but cost much less than similarly shaped OLEDS in the high thousands. The QLEDS are usually the best sets especially on online television sets that offer discounts like Black Friday sales.

Smart TV or NOT?

For the last few years, there has been a huge craze over smart Televisions in online sales. There are very many adverts doing rounds online from online shopping firms , all promising the best television experience with these new high-end products. A typical smart Television features proprietary systems and apps such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and any other App you might want to download.

TV experts don’t recommend letting the quality of features of the television operating system factor in into the purchasing decisions , but then you can always get a better, more responsive OS from a streaming box such as Roku, Chrome cast, or Apple TV because their products are affordable and discountable.

However, TV experts don’t recommend letting the features of the TV’s operating system factor in into your TV buying decisions because you can always get a better, more responsive option from a streaming box like Roku, Chrome TV, Fire TV or Apple TV. Such products are usually discounted.

Check Reviews

One of The most important thing to do is checking out a products review. When checking for reviews, be cautious, you have to make sure you are reading about the right model. If you want to buy, say a Samsung 55” class MU7500 curved 4K UHD TV, you wouldn’t want to unintentionally read a review for the 55” Class MU6500 curved 4K UHD TV. To minimize the risk, at least copy paste the full name of a product on your browser search engine.

You should also make it a habit to read customer reviews from all the major retailers online. There may be quite a lot but make a point of reading the most recent reviews rather than the “best” or top rated ones. This will ensure that you as a customer get a more representative sample of customers and that you are getting a good perspective on the most current TV softwares in the market today. These reviews can also help you understand what distinguishes the technology on your Television from other products and whether they are worth their features.



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