A Minute Worth Of Internet Activity In 2019.

In this age of digital overdrive, people are living their lives through multiple screens and switching from one platform to the next at an exponentially faster rate than has ever been previously recorded in history. Being a global computer network of colossal magnitude, the amount of data cross-exchange that usually happens within the bound of one minute is expected to be phenomenal, and with a new report that found itself on my desk late last week, I can attest that it is nothing short of the same.


The world’s biggest and most widely acknowledged social media networking service platform has continued to achieve an exceptional level of success across the years and from the looks of things, this is likely to remain the case following a whopping one million logins per minute in 2019 from a previously recorded 973,000 logins in 2018.

This is especially nonplus given the numerous controversial scandals that have enshrouded the social media manganate in recent times, the most profound one being accusations of internet privacy breach of personal user information.

Despite all these fails, Facebook continues to be a domineering element of most peoples’ day-to-day online interactions and from the looks of things, this is likely to be the case for future days to come.



The mega media service provider founded in 1997 didn’t achieve global popularity until the late 2000s. It has since come to achieve rampant success in recent years as is evidenced by its increase from 266,000 hours watched per minute in 2018 to a staggering 694,444 in 2019.

The company came to revolutionize television by leveraging specific user data to personalize the user experience thereby developing a watchlist that distinctly caters to one’s personal preferences. Another feature that has greatly contributed to their wide popularity and user retention is the degree of detail and order in their interface which is tweaked and fine-tuned to allow for a very convenient and user-friendly experience.

With this exponential incline, it seems like Netflix is here to stay and the continued culture of ‘Netflix and chilling’ will be here for a long time to come.



Contrary to most of the entries in this list, the statistical chart for emails seems to progressively stagnate over time. This can be attributed to a varied number of factors, chief among them being the prevalence of workplace collaboration tools such as Slack and Trello.

Another probable reason is the continued popularity of messenger apps that include bot functionality which is automated and easier to apply in cases where frequently required solutions need to be simultaneously provided. They basically do their bit in reducing redundancies hence consequently increasing the efficiency. Bots are also becoming increasingly significant especially in this day and age where there is a dire need to reduce ones digital footprint in online interactions especially with strangers for security purposes.

Some other honorable mentions include smart speakers which are becoming a popular fad nowadays which nearly tripled from 67 devices being shipped per minute in 2018 to 180 in 2019. They are a fairly new entry in the list but they are quickly gaining traction. This goes to show the rising demand in voice first devices. It also helps to understand that they are very well priced and they come with a wide range of applications such as traffic guides and smart home commands. The main contenders for the growing market share include in this category include Google Home and Amazon Echo/Alexa.

Another noteworthy mention is the shift in interest by users from normal feed to stories particularly on Instagram. Reports indicate that most of Instagram’s traffic is concentrated on stories as opposed to the usual feed.

Cyberspace is always in a constant state of flux and though it may be hard (sometimes nearly impossible) to make forecasts on future trends it sure is thrilling to be in this wave of unpredictable change. After all, what fun would the life experience be if every minute of it was predictable?



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