Live Chat Tips to improve the Conversion Rate for your Business

Live Chat tips

In today’s digital world, live chat is one of the most important and integral part for a business. It is the best communication platform to offer a real-time prompt response to the customers. It has the highest satisfaction level (73%) more than email (61%) and phone (44%).

Many e-commerce websites have been adding live chat support to their help desk software in order to provide real time answers rather than having customers leave their websites. Real time chatting with a customer support expert not only builds the customers’ confidence during their shopping experience, but also helps to improve the conversion rates.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most for your money and improve conversion rates for your business using live chat software.

Refine your Approach

Like many things in the online marketing sphere, live chat can be an incredibly powerful tool indeed, but only if and when it’s done right. This is why it’s important not only to reach out, but to be conscious of when and how you are reaching out to your customers too. Are you hindering your customer’s experience by reaching out to him or her the second they access your website? Are you waiting too long before making contact? The best way to decide on an approach is by using the analytics report to see which move is the most effective.

Be Selective in Who You Target

No one would want to waste their time spending money and sending direct mail messages to people who aren’t interested in their product. Same applies to live chat. Don’t waste your time and resources chatting with people who aren’t in your target demo, even if you have a high traffic site. Rather than stretching your resources thin trying to contact every single site user, you may want to segment your audience prior to accessing them. By targeting the most likely customers to become conversions, you can ensure that your time is well spent walking them through the buying process and being there for them if they have any questions along the way.

Ensure customers don’t abandon their online shopping carts

Statistics show that e-commerce customers are known to abandon their online shopping carts more often than they actually make a purchase. You can use live chat to connect with customers and mitigate the shopping cart abandonment issues shortly after they occur. Engage with customers early and engage often. Always let customers know you are there to solve and issues they may have with the purchase process. This strategy can help recover lost sales and boost your bottom line almost immediately.

Make it easy to use

You need to make the live chat features on your website easy to find and use for even the least tech-savvy users. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than dealing with a piece of technology that is hard to find and even harder to use. Make things easy. Once the customer connects to a business via live chat, agents should be able to figure out the customer’s problems quickly and troubleshoot them with ease. If a customer sees his or her problems being solved in an efficient way, they’re more likely to come back.

Be proactive

If you manage pages that have high bounce rates (where customers seem to be leaving in packs), use proactive live chat to make a window appear and address any concerns before they leave the page. By doing so, you may end up closing a sale, or alternatively get some powerful insight on why the customer experience isn’t working for that site.

Customize your live chat User interface

You can use custom settings to give your chat bubble, window and icons its own unique flair. This could potentially attract more customers to respond to your chats and in turn, could provoke more sales. To make the best of live chats, always take every possible advantage to get ahead, and creating a live chat experience that is unique and accessible to your customer through customization is one way to do just that.



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