Customer Experience Management – The New CRM

“It’s better to know what you don’t know than to know what you know,” said Anderson, systems architect at the University of San Diego (USD).

The customer experience has become a key differentiator for competitive businesses. Top organizations are improving both customer loyalty and profitability by creating consistently positive end-to-end experiences for their customers.

But with our ever-evolving marketplace – including the explosion of channels and the advantages of real-time communication – many new ideas and best practices are emerging for how to create both unique and superior customer experiences that make a difference.

Forward-looking organizations take a strategic view of the customer experience, including how to:

  • Design, implement and manage the customer experience in a disciplined way.
  • Address challenges such as channel explosion, data deluge and emerging technology risk.
  • Develop best practices for evaluating customer analytics to gain insight into the full customer experience ecosystem

Today, your best opportunities for growth may not lie solely in developing new “blockbuster” products or services. They may instead be found by selling more and better to your existing best customers — and finding new customers with similar behavioral tendencies.

You might have the data and the technology to track your best customers, but how can you meaningfully differentiate between them and the rest? How do you align your operations around them? And how do you create and sustain competitive advantages from such practices?

  • Make an informed decision about whether, how, and when to invest in customer centricity.
  • Make the case for customer centricity in your organization.
  • Find a balance in your organization between customer-centric and product-centric efforts.
  • Decide what initial experiments your company should invest in to achieve customer centricity.
  • Choose metrics to gauge and guide ongoing customer-centric efforts.



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