Utilizing Facebook Ads during the Holiday Season

Facebook Ads

From a business perspective, the Christmas holiday season is a money minting season.  It is the period where various businesses run vigorous campaigns in a bid to outdo their competitors. With many businesses now utilizing online platforms such as Facebook ads, shopping promotional offers like black Friday are now lasting more than 4 weeks. Sales and promotions run throughout December all the way into late January Retail businesses own the holiday season.

Among the most used digital marketing platforms, Instagram and Facebook ads have received the most updates, even more than Google adwords and the traditional paid banner ads. These updates have increased the popularity of Facebook as an advertising medium among many small businesses in Kenya and more so during the holiday season.  The proliferation of internet powered devices in the country has also contributed to the rise of Facebook eCommerce in the country.

To help you stand out from your competition with Facebook ads this holiday season, here are some tips to help you maximize your outreach and your profits during the run-up to the end of the year.

Create content to match the season

Well targeted Facebook ads can get a lot of reach, however to get maximum engagements from your audience during the holiday season, you need content that is eye catching and resonates with them.  While that old product photo with a Santa drawing from last holiday may feel appropriate for the Christmas season it may not elicit the wow effect that prompts audiences to make a purchase.

Businesses should take the time and care to create, original, quality content custom made for the current holiday season. The customers are more likely to notice and appreciate the effort. A good way to come up with fresh and hip content for a holiday ad campaign is by organizing a photo shoot with holiday props. These images can be used for the regular Facebook ads and the photogenic and strong-performing images could be used for paid ads.

Utilize Facebook Pixel

A Facebook pixel is code that is placed on a website to help track conversions from Facebook Ads. The ads can then be optimized based on data gathered, then build targeted audiences for future ads. With Facebook pixel installed on your website, you can fully track the activity of people engaging on your site. This allows marketers to take advantage of remarketing, sometimes referred to retargeting.

This sneaky strategy helps businesses to reach the customers who need some time convincing especially at a time where there are so many competitors and promotions to choose from. With remarketing, you can target the audiences who’ve previously shown an interest in your products or services such as audiences who have interacted with your Facebook ad post before.

Engage your audiences

The holiday season is about cheer, joy and fun. Be that as it may, the shopping experience during this time can be a bit stressful. It is very important to engage and answer any questions that maybe posted on your Facebook ads comments section and very promptly at that. This is not a corny move to please the person commenting on a post but rather a way to show all the people viewing your ads that you care. Customers can get easily turned off by seeing unanswered questions and ignored compliments in the comments section.

Use mobile ads

Mobile based ads should take precedence over desktop ads over the holiday season. Your Facebook ads should be designed for and running on mobile based platforms. Statistics show that mobile first shoppers worldwide grew by 20% from 2016 to 2017. Mobile shopping has been increasing over the years during the holidays as well as reaching shoppers while they are out shopping.  With more tools and extension for personalized advertising popping out every day, you are most likely to reach a bigger audience using mobile ads.

Hope those four Facebook digital marketing tips will help you refine your efforts to ramp up sales during this very profitable time of the year. Happy holidays.



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