4 Kinds of People giving Whatsapp Voice Notes a Bad Rep

Whatsapp voice notes

We live at a time where almost everyone is a micro-podcaster. No more than ever, audio notes are one of the chief ways of communication. Walking down the streets you are bound to pass by a number of people talking into their phone or into the little microphone on their earphones as they go about their business. Chances are they are using one of the most relied apps to deliver messages over the internet; Whatsapp voice note.

While people still send more than 55 billion texts on Whatsapp on a daily basis, the number of Whatsapp voice notes sent is steadily catching up. It is estimated that over 200 million voice messages are sent every single day.

The allure of voice notes can be attributed to the single fact that it’s incredibly practical. A message that may have taken two minutes to type out in a number of key strokes takes almost 20 seconds through the power of voice.

Initially receiving  voice notes was met with excitement and joy. Receiving that blue microphone alert on the screen was capable of eliciting that wow effect associated with the endorphins that make people feel good about themselves.  Now however, a voice note is met with vehement and an all-encompassing revulsion by most people.  It’s losing its allure as more and people are opting to text as opposed to replying with a voice recording. Some have even formed an opinion that those who send voice notes are selfish and in love with their own voice.

Wondering why? Well, the disinterest can be attributed to irresponsible usage of the voice feature by some of its users. The following are the four kinds of people making Voice notes an unpopular medium of communication.

Blue Tickers

This negative reputation on this very important chat app has been cultivated by a group of people fond of misusing the App. These are the bunch of egocentric, narcissistic people who can’t deal with the instant retorts and feedback given by the people they are conversing with. They have an incrementing fondness for leaving uninterrupted voice notes on Whatsapp.

“I don’t type I only do voice notes”

Another group of people who are destroying the rep of voice notes are who have ditched texting all together opting for strictly audio notes conversations.  This not appropriate especially when making plans or communicating while in an office or in the middle of important company. You can’t exactly play a drunken voice note from a friend while seated next to your Boss or parents.

The Rant Boxes

It is a generally accepted fact that chats can get your emotional meaning across much more accurately. They allow us to gauge mood immediately through tone in a conversation which has become notably absent in our constantly connected but mute world. There are however people who use voice notes to address their disgruntled concerns in the heat of a moment. They tend to come off a bit more strongly offending the recipient.  Should you find yourself dissatisfied or angry at someone it is best to cool down before sending a voice message or just text.

The long audio people

The other bunch of people who discourage Whatsapp voice note usage are those fond of sending long audio messages. A voice note should not be more than 4-5 minutes long per recording. Long messages tend to confuse the recipients as they are not usually separated according to topics. They are one sided indulgent monologues in leu of actual conversations. One has to listen a recording severally so as to get all the major talking points of the conversation. It is a very tasking activity especially for people with busy schedules.

We need to find a way to preserve this salient mode of communication. As much as voice notes have no clear guidelines about voice etiquette, if you need to send a voice note always remember to be courteous and respectful.



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