Credibility and Professionalism in Newspapers in an Era Where Their Value is Impugned

The importance of newspapers in Kenya as essential tools for information dissemination cannot be overrated. Newspapers have increasingly played a role in forming public opinions over the years. However finding real facts, real truths in the wake of the digital revolution could prove daunting. It is an era plagued by internet hoaxes, fake news and powerful political figures that tout their own “alternative facts”

One newspaper however stands out from the clutter of news providers, The Daily Nation. The newspaper has managed to cultivate an impressive reputation in terms of its professionalism, audience reach, ad placement and credibility in news and information delivery. Daily Nation newspaper which is the Flagship product of Nation Media PLC is the most preferred source of news and information in Kenya. The newspaper has the highest readership in the region with a reach of 35 million people per month.

While many newspapers from the country remain unknown outside the country, this newspaper has an impeccable reputation that transcends geographical borders attracting readership from foreign audiences as well. Daily It  is among the top five newspapers with the highest circulation and subscription in eastern and southern Africa, only ranking second after the South African -Daily sun.

As a result of the expanding digital reach, many Kenyans don’t bother with the traditional newspapers. “Why would I bother looking for one while i could just as easily check the news out online?”   So much information is readily online which can be accessed with a few keystrokes on a search engine. This has greatly contributed to plummeting numbers in distribution of newspapers.

Daily Nations ability to provide news and information in several formats greatly contributes to the newspapers high audience reach. Through physical newspapers, e-paper and the digital platform, the newspaper reaches millions of readers, including social media subscribers. On a daily basis the newspaper ensures its readers are always updated and informed on both local and international current affairs through news, feature articles and the blogger opinion sections found on the online formats. In fact they say 2 out of every 3 people read the Daily Nation.

Responsible journalism  is the cornerstone for freedom of democracy but sometimes we are disappointed  by some newspaper journalists who incite controversy by publishing ideas that could be described as nothing else but patently absurd. These are the newspapers you find who avoid illegal repercussions by turning every ludicrous statements into a leading question. Many print media firms in the country have at one time had their trustworthiness called into question due to publishing false or inaccurate information.

This is a worrisome trend because most Kenyans rely on Newspapers for information. Fortunately for us Daily Nation’s leadership remains unchallenged. The newspaper has managed to maintain an impressively high level of credibility and professionalism. The high level of information accuracy and truthfulness in their content is setting the bar high for other newspaper publishers in Kenya.

As a source of news and information in the society, newspapers should be devoid  of the fake news phenomenon that is characterized by websites, blogs and some newspapers deliberately publishing hoaxes, propaganda and misinformation purporting the news to be real. The news and information on Daily nation newspaper is deemed to be so credible and reliable, it is even used as a reference point for accurate information by many Kenyans.  “By the way, it’s true that the Matatu crackdown will be called off Tomorrow, I read it on Daily Nation”

Newspapers are a popular choice as an advertising medium because they help businesses stay ahead of their competitors by allowing them to reach their audiences in an efficient and cost effective manner.  They classified sections are also serve for profit means. Unfortunately, with people losing interests in Newspapers, many businesses take their bulk of ad money to the internet to the dismay of newspaper firms. They end up increasing the cost of adverts in a bid to stay  afloat, making many local newspapers an unpopular advertising medium.

The main source of revenue for newspapers

By leveraging internet connectivity and mobile communication, Daily Nation provides a platform where businesses can easily request to place an ad in the classified section of the newspaper via a text or email. The platform also features an option which users can conveniently pay for Business ads and public service announcements via mobile money payment services like Lipa Na Mpesa.

Daily nation’s reputation for trustworthiness,   wide audience reach and cost effective ad placement   is clearly setting the bar high for other news publishing firms in Kenya. It is the encapsulation of professionalism and credibility in print journalism that other news publications in the country ought to emulate to fulfill their societal functions.



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