Afya Pap: Manage Blood Pressure/ Diabetes with Telkom’s first Health App

Afya Pap,Telkoms first health app

There has been worrying data and statistics about the high prevalence of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure among Kenyans. Medical practitioners and health officials have been implementing various awareness programs; however the numbers still remain high. Fortunately, Afya Pap a new Kenyan mobile health App promises to mitigate the increasing diabetes and High blood pressure cases in Kenya.

Afya Pap is a USSD platform that launches a mobile health application that provides services and information about Diabetes and high blood pressure to its users.  The app was launched in Early November after Telkom partnered with Baobab circle-a heath tech startup to change how diabetes and hypertension healthcare is delivered in Kenya

Patnership between Boabab circle and Telkom


Afya Pap is the first ever dedicated health mobile service supported by Telkom. It is one of the projects the telecommunication company has been undertaking to fulfill their commitment to deepen technological partnerships that enable lives .All the services on the health app are exclusively available for Telkom subscribers only. With only Ksh 4 per day offers, users can get customized tips on managing diabetes and high blood pressure conditions.

To access the services, subscribers have to Key in the USSD code *727#.

Main Services Offered by Afya Pap

  • Daily personalized health tips to educate users on all elements of a healthy lifestyle, including diet, physical activity, sexual health and mental awareness.
  • A Measurement tool that helps users to read, store and retrieve blood sugar and blood pressure readings on the go.

Afya Pap guarantees that all the data and information gathered by the App is kept strictly confidential.  It also offers limited access to a team of nutrionists, doctors, sports scientists and nurses through direct questions.

By leveraging technology and modern communication channels, Afya Pap has a very huge potential for increasing community awareness around Diabetes and High Blood pressure. Easy accessibility to consultative services  and affordability will increase chances of early diagnosis preventing complications of the diseases.



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