Leveraging Sales Contests to Improve Customer Experience (CX) in Your Organization

In a world proliferated with content and information, the customers are now more informed than ever. As a result, there has been a shift in the balance of power in the brand-consumer relationship. Customer experience has become a very important aspect in the success of any business today. This is especially so in highly competitive industries such as the retail business.

The shift to delivering impeccable customer experience has prompted businesses to build trust with their target audience by taking a more customer centric approach, shifting their attention from being all about them and all about their audiences. In the year 2018, businesses have to focus on all the ways they can help their customers, drawing prospects when they are ready to convert and retaining them once they do.

To have a successful customer experience in your company, faculty participation and engagement   is very important and not only at the organization level but also at the sales associates level. Encouraging fun and friendly contests can help motivate high performance among the employees which in turn translates to a good overall customer experience.

Overall participation is important in Sale contests

The sales contests are not the cut-throat employee of the month kind of intensive contests but rather time limited challenges that help bring the sales associates in line with the company’s goals and objectives. These contests which can last from an hour or a month (depending on your organizations goals) promote an atmosphere of fun and friendly competition because employees loved to be challenged. A shared challenge fosters a spirit of camaraderie among the employees helping them work more effectively as a team.

Four things you should focus on to promote a higher level of customer experience in your business through sales contests

Have a focus for your sales contest

All the attention and focus for these contests should be on behaviors that promote good customer experiences. You may opt to do it direct via Net Promoter Scores (NPS) or indirectly through competing around sales revenue. For the employees to realize maximum revenue per customer and emerge the contest winners, they have to build trust with the customers which mean providing the perfect customer experience.

Have attractive rewards

Prizes should be included to encourage participation and make the sales contests effective.  Offering the sales associates the choice of smaller prizes has proven more motivating that offering one large all-in-one prize. Cash prizes also tend to be least effective as they can encourage a transactional mentality. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to offer physical prizes like gift cards, electronics or holiday tickets.

Make the progress visible to the employees

It is deemed important to make the progress visible at every time for the sales associates to check their progress as the contests run their course. In the spirit of competition the employees will struggle to get to the top position as they compete among themselves. The competition “juice” can greatly improve their motivation resulting into better performance. The progress can be posted on a company’s private network , closed social media  group (such as Facebook}or on the staff notice boards.

Honor the Contest winners

As much as the sales associates love rewards, they appreciate recognition as much. You should ensure that every faculty member of your organization is present, so that you can  publicly recognize and congratulate the contest winners for their remarkable efforts. The open and public recognition of employee’s efforts by an organization executive will build beneficial habits among the employees which will last long after the contests are over.



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