Google is Not The Be All and End All of Driving Website Traffic; Here Are 4 Other Alternatives

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The 1st century has experienced one of the greatest revolutions of all times, The Information revolution. With the help of technological advancements and the growth of the internet, access to information has become relatively easy. Whether you are looking for information on best of the restaurants, bestselling fiction books, fancy stilettos, or exotic recipes, you just need to type your query on a search engine and then….Voila!

Over the last decade, Google has been the predominantly used search engine especially to drive website traffic. The search engine has been used so many times by so many people, the word Google graduated from being a noun to a verb. Want some information you weren’t previously privy to, Just Google it. All these Googling has earned the search engine giant the reputation of being the *King of search engines.* dominating the search market with 87.1 market share.

With Google’s unrivaled popularity, every small and big websites on the internet have been breaking their backs to undertake SEO optimization with the single goal of drawing more traffic from the Google search engine. This has created very stiff competition with every website struggling for Google’s attention to get to the top of SERP rankings.

Fortunately for site owners, you don’t have to bend over backwards to get the coveted number one ranking on Google. There are other alternatives that can be used to drive traffic to your sites. With diversified traffic generation efforts, one can utilize other tools and strategies available to help you draw traffic to your website, well besides Google off course.

Utilize Quora

Quora is a Q & A platform with an estimated 190 million monthly users. The website deals in hundreds of thousands of topics for people to post questions and write answers.  The platform is not limited to any specific industry, in fact it covers almost all functional industries in the world so you can be assured of finding questions pertaining to your industry as well.

While posting your answers regarding your industry specific questions, you should be sure to include your website URL or the relevant blog post URL in the copy. This would help you drive referral traffic from another site. The more referral sources you attract to your site, the steadier stream of traffic you’d be able to draw to your website.

Use Guest Blogging to create authority for your website

Publishing posts on popular blogs or websites tend to make people look up to you as an authority in your specific field, and more important, it prompts your site visitors to take interest in promoting your posts in various social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

To make the best out of guest blogging you have to write high quality content, something that’s detailed, actionable and engaging. It should be something that inspires people to to click on your website link and show interest in your website offerings.

Word of caution though, You should establish connections with high authority sites only, because your website authority and reputation is very much at stake. The volume of guest posts should never be your agenda, it should be in the quality of content. Never compromise on quality for the sake of driving traffic, editors can Editors can detect a bad site from a mile away.

Utilize social media influencers

Over the last few years, social media experts and demographic groups have noted that social media personalities influence consumer purchase decisions in a big way, especially for the millenials and Generation Z.

This can be attributed to the fact that, social media has a very strong influence in our daily lives, and that globally, over 2 billion people are active on social media platforms.  This creates a unique opportunity where a positive word about your brand amongst their fan followers in their personal social media networks is sure to give your brand considerable abetment.

Long Form Content

Many online marketers share a common belief that, to make your blog posts stand out amongst a tsunami of posts flooding the online landscape, it’s better to use short form posts than long form posts. Social media marketing experts however disagree with this.

Neil Patel, a Marketing expert says that, Crafting share-worthy, long-form posts on your company blog is an incredibly effective way to drive website traffic.

Long form content can help drive traffic to your website as well as attract more social media shares .This in turn translates to greater visibility for your company blog. However, the content for your long form blog posts should offer something exceptional and unique that users find worth sharing.

Write high-quality content for your long-form posts that are useful and offer value to other readers. It could range somewhere between 1500 and 3000 words in length.



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